Luis Fonsi, open to all styles in the best moment of his career

The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Luis Fonsi claims to feel “more comfortable than ever to start different musical adventures” and in the best moment of his career, coinciding with the return to the romanticism of his new single “Nuestra Balada”.

“I try not to be afraid and mix styles. In music there are no rules,” said the winner of five Latin Grammy Awards in an interview, who says he admires “artists who do different things

On the eve of his two concerts – sold out – at the Movistar Arena in Santiago de Chile, on the 18th and 19th, Luis Fonsi is convinced that his followers support both his romantic musical side and his style with more rhythm when he approaches the urban genre.


“I do not think so much strategically, I am more of the heart and I let myself be carried away by my heart and by my instinct. Although it is a return to that romantic ballad said Fonsi about his latest work produced with producers Mauricio Rengifo and Andrés Towers.

“It is letting my audience know that I have never left there, letting my audience know that this is still me because my music has always been born from a romantic point of view added the 43-year-old artist.

This is not at odds with sometimes opting for the more urban style as he did in “Despacito”, along with his compatriot Daddy Yankee, one of the songs with the most reproductions in history on the YouTube video channel.

With “Despacito”, he won the Latin Grammys for “Song of the year”, “Record of the year”, “Best short version music video” and “Best urban fusion/performance”.

“I’m not going to stop making all kinds of music, because as an artist I have those two sides. I have the very rhythmic side, very dance and party, but also the melancholic, very written, pencil, guitar and piano”, he stressed.

And now “it was time to return to that side of the equation”: “At the end of the year I get melancholic and said we are going to surprise the public and give them romance,” he added.


“I needed to unburden myself” and “I wanted to go back to the ‘vein-cutter’ themes, said the artist, who tries to cover all the emotions of the people who follow him since September 1998, the date on which he released his debut album, “I’ll start

In the opinion of the author of the hit “Here I am”, in 2009, together with Aleks Syntek, Noel Schajris, and David Bisbal, “the most urban and rhythmic themes are born from the ballad and little by little they evolve”.

Regarding his inspiration to release new songs, Fonsi pointed out that if he is enjoying a day at sea, he chooses more to listen to reggaeton or rock, but that on other occasions, driving on a lonely road, for example, he opts for melancholic ballads in looking for ideas for new jobs.

The singer-songwriter already has plans for a new tour, with the name “Perfect Night Tour”, and his first stop will be in his native Puerto Rico, where he will offer concerts on February 12 and 13 at the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum in San Juan.

“By coinciding with Valentine’s Day there will be a more romantic atmosphere in the repertoire of songs,” the artist anticipated, although he pointed out that, in any case, their classic songs with more rhythm could not be missing, which, without a doubt, will include the iconic “Despacito”.


Fonsi clarified that, despite his career, he feels nervous about his debut in Puerto Rico on this new tour, because it is his country of origin and the land that has seen him consecrate himself as an artist.

The tour “Perfect Night Tour” comes, in his opinion, in one of the best moments of his long musical career, which undoubtedly contributes to his personal situation of great tranquility with his wife, the Spanish model Águeda López, and her two sons.

“I have managed to maintain a ‘little hole’ in a world of music that has constantly changed, maintain a loyal audience that has accompanied me, reinvent myself on several occasions, have important songs in three different decades” he listed.

Despite what has already been achieved, he assures that he aspires to continue growing day by day thanks to his ability to work to advance in the achievement of new objectives: “I want much more,” he said.

Fonsi has been, like the rest of the artists, very limited in public presentations due to covid-19 in recent months, although he has taken part in the television contests “La Voz España” and “La Voz Kids”.

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