Lunay Warns Fans in Latin America to “Be Ready” For His Tour in 2022

The Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Lunay, on a promotional visit to Ecuador, warns his followers to prepare for his tour of Latin America in which he will present his latest hits that have established him as an emerging artist in 2021.

“I tell the fans of Latin America and the United States to be ‘ready’ to dance and sing all the songs with me,” he said in an interview in Quito, one of the stops on what will be “the biggest tour with a production.” scheduled for the second half of the year.

At the moment, it is the first contact of the Puerto Rican urban artist with Ecuador, where he has already been able to see “the affection of the fans” who follow him and to whom he hopes to be able to offer his music soon, after having participated last year in the Youtube project “Artist On The Rise” (Emerging Artist).

Also nicknamed “El Niño”, a name that gives its name to his second studio album, Lunay explains that on the album he wanted to “leave all the stages of childhood and adolescence to the whole world”, before valuing it as “a collector’s item”.

It is a creative depiction of his life before his current 21st birthday and is the first release on Chris Jedi and Gabi’s new independent label Music and La Familia Records.

The album includes collaborations with ChenchoCorleone, Anitta, Bryant Meyers, Zion, Chanell, and Juliito.

His latest release is the song “Un Ratito”, a song by the Brazilian DJ ALOK that the artist shares with Juliette, Luis Fonsi, and Lenny Tavárez, which mixes Brazilian and Caribbean music in a pop reggaeton that aspires to become a hit on the continent.

In the short term, the recording of the video of the latest song with which “to break and give good music and good vibes to everyone” is planned.

The interpreter of hits such as “Todo o nada”, “Soltera”, “Dale banda” or “Like to be seen”, indicates that his musical career “has been a path of many dreams and great faith”, which began when He was 14 years old and began to release videos that led him to collaborate with artists such as Bad Bunny or Daddy Yankee.

Wearing a flared hat and necklace, Jefnier Osorio Moreno -Lunay’s first name-, explains that his stage name has no meaning but its origin was “more a game of rhymes” and “free-style ” that resulted in a unique sonority: “I loved how it sounded”.

Regarding her musical compositions, she has commented on several occasions that they do not encourage violence or denigrate women and considers that with her lyrics, such as the hit “Soltera” which shows that women do not need a man to fulfill themselves, “always We are going to empower women, we are never going to make them feel less”.

The tour scheduled for this year covers the United States (Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago), Latin America (Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador), and Europe (Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, France).

Lunay has positioned itself among the favorites of the genre with figures of more than 650 million downloads on Spotify and 43 million listeners in 178 countries. The artist currently has more than 10.2 million followers on Instagram, more than 1.9 on Facebook and on TikTok, he has more than 3.5 million followers.

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