Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly arrive for Jimmy Kimmel Live holding hands.

When Megan Fox and her fiance Machine Gun Kelly came to a filming of Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday afternoon, it was impossible for them to conceal their obvious devotion for one another.

As they walked into the recording studio in Hollywood, the 36-year-old actress and the 32-year-old rapper-turned-rocker both had their hands in theirs. Just a few days ago, the actress attended a music festival dressed as Pamela Anderson.

Megan went with some tough double denim, but her flared jeans were highly distressed, and they gave the impression that they might not survive much longer in this world.

She paired the torn jeans with a denim jacket in a crisper blue hue, which she wore pulled down below her shoulders and matched with the jacket.

The star of “Transformers” finished off her look with a dramatic folded grey tube top and a white purse both of which are from the same collection.

The dark-skinned ravishing woman’s voluminous, stick-straight hair was styled to cascade down the centre of her back in a middle part.

Her boyfriend MGK, whose actual name is Colson Baker, was dressed in an unusual jumpsuit that was brown and had tattered sleeves and saggy pant legs that were cut off just before his knees.

The singer and occasional actor cinched the loose appearance with a black belt, sported a set of beige boots, and sported scraggly blonde hair that had been bleached.

Machine Gun Kelly was the one who was going to have the conversation with Jimmy, and Megan was presumably simply there to provide some moral support.

Both of them were wearing some sort of nail polish, with Megan having long powder blue nails and MGK showing off a little of varnish in a coral colour while he was holding her hand and showing it off.

At the beginning of this month, the two people who are obsessed with nail polish and lovebirds announced that they had worked together on a new collection of nail polish.

Megan told Allure that her favourite colour in the collection was a green metallic hue that matched the emerald engagement ring that she had purchased from MGK. She went on to say that the shade possessed “a strong sexual energy” that assisted her in feeling “aligned with my heart and my truest desires.”

The Play With Fire Kit, which includes all five colours in the collection and retails for $90, is now live on the company’s website for customers to purchase. The collection is now available for purchase.

The set includes a matte top coat with the name Nothing Matt(er)s, in addition to five shades with the names Past Life, Brutal Honesty, Twin Flame, Deep Breath, and Third Eye.

Customers also have the option of purchasing the Big Bang Set, which comes with three different colours and costs $56. These colours are referred to as Past Life, Deep Breath, and Brutal Honesty.

The couple was featured in promotional photographs from the website showing off the sexy green tint on Megan’s fingers in a variety of steamy snaps. The images were used to promote the website.

In one scene, the actress was seen lying on her stomach and playing a sensuous game with her lips by lightly brushing them with her fingertips.

In yet another seductive picture, she is seen gripping MGK’s neck from the back, with the colour green standing out against the colour of his skin.

Megan and Machine Gun Kelly first encountered each other in March 2020 on the set of the low-budget thriller Midnight in the Switchgrass; however, production on the film was abruptly halted when the coronavirus epidemic broke out. Later in May of that year, they were connected to one another.

Megan made the announcement in a video that she shared to Instagram in January of this year, stating that the couple had gotten engaged earlier in the month.

The actress from Transformers wrote in her post that she and rapper MGK “drank each other’s blood” to celebrate their engagement, which took place outside the Spa Botánico at the Ritz-Carlton Dorado Beach in Puerto Rico. The location of the engagement party was given as an example.

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