Misidentifying Dionne Warwick as Gladys Knight on the US Open broadcast

Mary Carillo and Chanda Rubin, who were broadcasting Wednesday’s U.S. Open match between Serena Williams and Anett Kontaveit on the world feed, have come under fire for allegedly incorrectly identifying legendary singer Dionne Warwick as Gladys Knight, who was also present at Arthur Ashe Stadium. Warwick was one of the spectators at the match.
Rubin remarked, “Got some more stars,” as the camera moved to Warwick and panned around him.

“Gladys Knight!” After that, Carillo said, to which Rubin gave his assent.

On his Twitter account, Rubin explained why he had confused the two Black music icons.

“It’s too bad that when I first looked, I was focused on the court (where Auntie Gladys was sitting in the stands), and not on our program monitor, which had Ms. Dionne… mistake was promptly remedied,” Rubin said on Twitter to one of the individuals who had criticized the error and pointed out that it had occurred.
Both Gladys Knight and Dionne Warwick were well-known singers from the 1960s through the 1980s.

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