Monica Naranjo: Before I fought to do what I wanted, now I do it, period

The Spanish artist Mónica Naranjo will return to the Mexican stages in January 2022, the place where she was born as an artist and which reminds her that, after a 30-year career, she can now allow herself to do in the industry what she thinks she should do.

“Today I do not have any ‘greater struggle’. Before it was to be able to do and create what I thought I had to do, but now that no longer exists, I do it, period,” he said this Tuesday during a press conference with Mexican media in the reason for his tour “Puro Manage”.

The singer – who will offer this show in Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Monterrey (on January 13, 22, and 28, respectively) – promised a very minimalist “show” and acknowledged that it is a “deeper and more intense repertoire than ever. artist “ has interpreted.

There, attendees will be able to witness a concert of voice and piano that will last two hours and will review all the songs from the album “Minage” (2000), which contains songs such as “Sobreviviré”, “Amando locamente” or “Perra in love”.

“This album is a before and after in my professional life. After ‘Word of Woman’ (1997) and has sold millions of records, the record company or even the public expected a similar work, but I felt that it was time to change of scenery, “ said the singer, songwriter, and presenter.

He explained that then it was an open war with the record company, but that both parties finally understood the points of view and ended up publishing “Manage”, an album that honors the Italian interpreter Mina.

Now, he explained, after three decades of experience, these disagreements no longer happen to him. However, it is still just as important for her to be able to do “whatever she wants.”

“In the end, after so many albums, tours and projects, I can say that I have survived and lived from music for 30 years of my life; imagine if I feel happy and fulfilled. First, as an artist and then as a professional, in a business that is difficult and more and more every day said Mónica Naranjo.

Once again, the Spanish will be meeting with her Mexican followers, who are many and very passionate, in addition to the inhabitants of the land where the artist was born.

“Mexico is my home, the place where I was born as an artist, it taught me everything I know on a stage level,” Mónica Naranjo recalled.

And so much so that, although he did not want to specify details, he said that his relationship with the Virgin of Guadalupe goes back to “a story” that both had “many years ago

With this, a tireless Mónica Naranjo continues on her way to her liking, after the pandemic in which she did not stop working, and promises new projects that her followers will like, said Mónica Naranjo.

On November 11, the reality show presented by Naranjo “Amor con fianza” will be released on Netflix, and on November 4, the first single from his upcoming album “Mimetika” will be released.

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