Natti Natasha: “Life is not worth it if it does not have a little madness”

Natti Natasha opens the doors of her life wide in “Everybody Loves Natti”, an Amazon documentary series in which the Dominican star shows the keys to her musical success and also reveals some secrets of her most private side.

“I feel that life if it does not have a little madness, is not worth it”, assures Natti Natasha (Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic, 1986) in a video call.

“Everybody Loves Natti” will land on Amazon on November 19 and is comprised of six episodes.

The singer of “Criminal” (with Ozuna) or “sin pijama” (with Becky G) addresses in this documentary series her sentimental and professional relationship with Raphy Pina, the birth of her first daughter Vida Isabelle, and the journey that took her from the Dominican Republic to become one of the most important figures in reggaeton and Latin pop today.

Question.- He said that he was a person who protected his private life a lot. What has changed so that I now teach it here?

Answer.- A blessing came to my life called Vida (his daughter). And I also worked on my second baby, which is the album I just released, “Natividad” (2021).

With all the obstacles that there were, like the pandemic or when they told me that I could not get pregnant and I had to put on hormones in a very dark moment, I took refuge in music, and then I was blessed with Life.

I understand that there is no better way (than this series) to show that to the fans, who have supported me throughout the process and have accepted me as I am (…). But hey, it wasn’t a comfortable thing for me: I never had.

It was not me just telling it in a “post” or in a “story”, but I wanted them to see it: I open the doors of my home and my family.

There are many vulnerable moments, as well as funny moments. Everything that happens in the normal life of any other person. Natti Natasha at home is a completely normal woman who works a lot. That they saw all that was important to me.

Q.- You assure that you have learned a lot from Raphy Pina, who is your manager and your partner.

R. – In all aspects. Apart from the fact that he is a person who has a lot of experience in the music industry, when I am with him his advice helps me a lot. My career took another angle when I signed with Pina Records. And also next to Daddy Yankee, who is my mentor.

But together with Raphy, I matured a lot not only professionally but also personally.


Q.- Before you had Vida Isabelle, did you think that being a mother would change you so much?

A.- When you have a child, you say: “Who was I before?” (smile). It’s weird but that’s the reality.

For example, being a mother has given me much more motivation. I work because I love what I do, but there is also a moment when I wonder who I share it with. What is my motivation? When I’m older, who am I going to share it with? Who am I going to see grow?

They instilled in me a lot about having a family. I love my parents, my brothers, those memories we have together … And I always wanted to have that experience (of being a mother) in my life.

Q.- In “Everybody Loves Natti” we see her as a star in Miami every day, singing and making video clips, but also with moments of doubt.

R.- It was difficult to show that. Normally those are the moments when I disconnect from the world, I stall in a room, I start making music, or I don’t pick up the phone from anyone.

It was very intimidating at times to share that on the show.

Q.- What is left of Natti Natasha de la Natalia Gutiérrez who came to New York at a very young age, with a dream and with nothing to hold on to?

R.- The same crazy woman remains, the same crazy woman who left the Dominican Republic to go to New York. That same adventurer remains.

The reality is that I literally had neither to buy food nor where to stay … I had nothing (…). But my north did have it very well directed. He said: “I’m going to work, I’m going to show who I am.” And I feel like that’s still what drives me today. Even if they don’t see it, I’m still like that.

I like adrenaline, I love it. I am the same crazy, the same daring, the same dreamer who came to New York. When I die I mean I tried everything I wanted to try. I feel that life if it does not have that little madness, is not worth it.

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