Óscar Jaenada returns to incarnate a Luisito Rey with a “slow wickedness”

Óscar Jaenada reappears in the last season of “Luis Miguel: the series” embodying the singer’s father, Luisito Rey, who achieved so much success thanks to “a slow and not so obvious evil” for Mexicans, the Spanish actor explained this Wednesday in an interview.

Óscar Jaenada pointed out that from his first trip to Latin America and specifically to Mexico, he perceived that evil was reflected in another way, especially on “popular” television.

“I think that was very surprising about Luisito, he is a bad guy who seemed funny. The audience is still the same, but what happens is that you add a point of quality and a European conception of the actor or actress and acting, which is different “, stated Óscar Jaenada.

The actor of films such as “Pirates of the Caribbean: Sailing in mysterious waters” (2011) or “Cantinflas” (2014) returned in this third season, which premieres on October 28, after having had a major role in the first that allowed knowing the reason for many behaviors and stages of the life of Luis Miguel.

“There are many years in this profession and given the success that this character had in the first season, I knew that sooner or later they would find a way to return to this,” shared actor Óscar Jaenada.


However, for him, the character had been left aside and was already “finished” because, despite its repercussion, he found it difficult to fit it back into the series.

“It has not been easy technically or personally because I was in other projects and had never done a second season,” he explained.

On this occasion, to reconnect with the character and especially to know what the public had seen in the first season, he watched the episodes again.

However, it was not enough, because this time he had to play a younger Luisito Rey, not Luis Miguel’s father, married and with children.

In this third season, a crazier man is seen through which other behaviors that he had when he was more adult can be sensed.

To do this, he found a couple of music videos and photographs that allowed him to know the physical appearance of the also musician and intuit something of his attitude.

“That was the question I asked myself: If Luis Rey at this point in life (as an adult) with his heels (years) is like that, when he was younger he had to be still a little more thrown, he was going more into the abyss”, considered Óscar Jaenada.


And now, after finally closing this stage with the entire team of “Luis Miguel: La Serie”, Óscar Jaenada concluded that this was a great experience.

One more in his career that allowed him to learn more about a part of the culture that he probably would not have known, as happened when he played the flamenco musician Camarón or the famous Mexican actor Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”.

“There are things with which one works. From ‘Luis Miguel: The series’ I am left with popular culture, the noise of the street. It remains for me to get to know Mexico a little more with this,” he explained.

Jaenada already has a remarkable experience in Mexico, but also in many other places in the world, since his career has been developing in various parts of the planet, something that he was deeply grateful to the cinema.

“It is something that I have always liked a lot: knowing and learning. And something that I have loved all my life is the cinema and this has taken me everywhere searching and learning and knowing a little how cinema is made in each place”, shared.


However, he especially likes the Mexican scene because he considers the country a good “Latin audiovisual center” from which all Spanish speakers can learn and share.

“I feel very comfortable in that industry because I feel that it reaches all Spanish speakers. I think that a lot is being advanced (in the union of Spanish-American cinema). With that we can fight against the great monster,” he concluded.

In this last season of the series, in which Jaenada plays the now increasingly iconic Luisito Rey, the circle is closed, since several people offer Luis Miguel to do a series about his life to trace your career and solve your financial problems.

In addition, the love story of the Sun of Mexico, played by Diego Boneta, and Mariah Carey, played by Jade Ewen, will be told.

The third and final season will be released on Thursday, October 28 through Netflix and will consist of six episodes.

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