Ricky Martin’s complaint has been dismissed.

On Thursday, a judicial official in Puerto Rico claimed that the court had “archived” the restraining order granted against the famed musician Ricky Martin, indicating that the case had been handled.

The topic had gotten a lot of attention in the media, and the Puerto Rican musician had basically denied any wrongdoing without providing any other information. On Thursday, some hours after the court’s judgement, he declared that he had been a “victim of deception” by a member of his family.

In a video released by his publicists, he is heard saying, “I’ve been working onstage in the public light for approximately four decades.” “And I’ve never had to deal with anything as difficult as what I’ve had to deal with in the last two weeks,” she said. “I’ve never had it happen to me.”
A judge issued a restraining order against the Puerto Rican singer at the beginning of July. The order was submitted in accordance with Puerto Rico’s domestic violence law; however, the police provided no further details, including who requested the order.

However, “the petitioner voluntarily abandoned his claims; hence, the case was archived and no further proceedings are required,” a judicial spokesperson told The Associated Press on Thursday, speaking on condition of anonymity as required by the tribunal’s rules. The official spoke on the condition of anonymity because the tribunal’s regulations necessitate it.

The hearing to investigate the case was meant to take place on Thursday, but it was held in private and the parties participated online instead. A swarm of media reporters and cameras waited outside the courthouse.

Ricky Martin’s legal team issued a statement saying, “Just as we predicted, the judge did not extend the temporary protective order.” [Citation required]

According to El Vocero, a Puerto Rican daily, at the time the restraining order was issued, the judgement said that Martin and the other individual had dated for seven months. Martin, according to the petitioner, did not accept the separation and was seen loitering outside the petitioner’s house at least three times. This information was obtained from the order, which stated in the report that the couple had separated two months prior. The injunction could not be obtained by the Associated Press.

Martin’s legal team stated on Thursday that “this was never more than a troubled individual making bogus claims with absolutely nothing to substantiate them.” “It brings us great happiness to know that our client has been vindicated and can now move on with his life and career.”

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