Sam Heughan and his crossfit training routine for ‘Outlander’

To celebrate his 41st birthday, the actor shows us how we could also wear skirts without a shirt after 40.

The sixth season of Outlander does not yet have a premiere date, although it is expected to arrive in early 2022. There will be 12 more chapters of the adaptation of Diane Gabaldon’s novels about Claire Randall and her journey through time with a love story more than included. That love story is accompanied by the name of Jaime Fraser, a Scottish warrior who takes off his shirt much more often than the skirt (well, the kilt if we are beautiful). Of course, we are talking about our beloved Sam Heughan who, despite being 41 years old, still needs to preserve his sculptural body, between Outlander shoots and, yes, tests to be the next James Bond (they say he is among the favorites).

As we know that maintaining those abs and making your skirt feel good on a cloudy day after 40 is not easy, Hueghan has confessed and shared on his Instagram his Crossfit training to continue in the skin and muscles of the Scottish warrior who populates the fantasies of many and many beyond those of the character of Caitriona Balfe

High weights, few repetitions, a lot of protein… Heughan wants muscle and in a photo with his personal trainer John Valbonesi shows us how to do it. If you are one of those who does the bikini operation upside down, you already know what to do in September. Of course, Heughan does it around the 41st figure of his birthday. If you are younger, you are going to take a joy, but if you overcome it, we are sorry for your stiffness.

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  • 4 times 100m ski.
  • 41 dominated.
  • 41 squats with 41 kg.
  • 41 bench weights with 41kg.
  • 41 box jumps.
  • 41 kettlebell swing with 32 kg.
  • 41 double jump of comba.
  • 41 deadweight burpees, 32kg.
  • weight trawl with 41 kg.

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