“Shang-Chi” is the highest grossing movie of the year in the US.

“Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” became the highest grossing movie of the year in the US this weekend, reaching $ 200 million.

Marvel’s latest film remained at the top of the US box office during its fourth week in theaters, overtaking “Black Widow,” which until now was the highest-grossing film in the US market (which in movie jargon includes EE. .US and Canada).

Thus, “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” raised this weekend 13.2 million dollars to add a total of 196 million. For its part, “Black Widow” has reached 183 million since its premiere last July.

However, in the international market “Black Widow” continues to lead “Shang-Chi” with 378 million, although both films are far from the 716 million raised by “F9” , so far the biggest international success of Hollywood in this 2021.

With these data, it is demonstrated that the American public has responded very well to Marvel’s commitment to martial arts with “Shang-Chi” , the first film that Disney has released exclusively in theaters since the pandemic began.

As for the rest of the US box office, the musical “Dear Evan Hansen” debuted in theaters with a disappointing 7.5 million, far from the 10 targeted by this production inspired by the award-winning play. Tony for the best musical of 2017.

For its part, “Free Guy” , the comedy by Ryan Reynolds, continues to perform commercially seven weeks after its premiere, raising 4.1 million dollars and close to 115 million in total.

Behind were the animated film “Candyman” , with 2.5 million dollars, and “Cry Macho” , the latest from Clint Eastwood, with 2.1 million in its second week and after a very timid premiere.

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