Sydney Sweeney blasts critics for making her mom’s hoedown-themed birthday party a ‘political statement’

After the video that Sydney Sweeney released from her mother’s 60th birthday party caused some controversy, she decided to speak out.

The Euphoria star, who is nominated for an Emmy, shared photographs that she had taken during the surprise party that she had thrown for her mother, Lisa, over the weekend. The native of Idaho organized a gathering with a hoedown theme, complete with activities such as target practice, a mechanical bull, hatchet throwing, and line dancing to the music of a live band. The Western-themed dress code was adhered to by the majority of attendees, including Sweeney, who was seen wearing a cowboy hat, boots, and a bandana knotted around her neck. One male visitor, however, who commenters identified as Sweeney’s father, Scott, stood out in what seemed to be a Blue Lives Matter T-shirt, which caused some fans to doubt the actress’s political beliefs. Commenters said that Scott Sweeney was wearing the shirt during the event.

According to the text of one of the comments, “Girl, why are you hanging out with folks who are wearing Blue Lives Matter gear LMFAO?”

Multiple commentators replied in response, “Not the Blue Lives Matter shirt,” some of whom included weep emojis in their posts.

Another follower commented, “I’m noticing a lot of people wearing red hats.” Sweeney’s brother Trent explained in a subsequent post on his own Instagram account that the red hats read “Make Sixty Great Again,” which is a play on the phrase “Make America Great Again,” which was made popular by the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump.
While supporters of opposing political ideologies spat with one other in Sweeney’s comments section — with many defending the 24-year-old White Lotus singer — Sweeney herself resorted to social media to criticize the internet for putting too much emphasis on the party’s political leanings.

She wrote, “You guys this is completely insane.” “A joyous occasion to mark the monumental 60th birthday of my mother has been misconstrued as an outrageous political statement, even though this was not the objective. Will you kindly refrain from making assumptions?”

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