He wanted to record a cat to send the video to his daughter, but it had a funny ending

Through a video posted on TikTok, the hilarious performance of a pussycat with the unknown man was revealed.

It will steal a smile from you. In TikTok a video that was played for went viral father of family and cat . The domestic animal provoked the laughter of thousands of netizens with an unusual behavior. The images showed the peculiar moment broadcast on the various social networks.

The viral captured the sequence in which the subject found a pussycat at the entrance of a home, so he did not hesitate to want to focus on it to send the video to his daughter, who is a fan of cats. Then, it was shown how the animal reacts to the calls of man and approaches him to receive caresses.

However, what the father did not expect was that the feline decided to get into his car, so he quickly opened the doors for him to return to his true home.

“The cat was adopting the man”, “It seems that he was serious about greeting his daughter”, were some of the comments from users. On TikTok, the images garnered more than 89,500 likes and nearly 692,000 views.

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