According to reports, Gangsta Boo, a Three 6 Mafia rapper from Memphis, died at the age of 43.

Gangsta Boo, a 43-year-old man who used to be in the Three 6 Mafia, was found dead on the front porch of his Memphis home.

 A Memphis, Tennessee, man who used to be a member of the rap group Three 6 Mafia has been found dead.

“Gangsta Boo,” whose real name is Lola Mitchell, was seen as a pioneer in the field of female rap in the 1990s. She had turned 43.

A member of ABC WATN-TV says that on Sunday, Mitchell’s body was found on the front porch of a house in the Whitehaven neighborhood of Memphis.

No one knows what happened to cause her death. The police have said that they will give more information at a later date.

DJ Paul, another member of the group, seemed to confirm Gangsta Boo’s death by posting a photo of her to Instagram as a tribute.

On Sunday, DJ Paul, who was one of the people who started Three 6 Mafia, used social media to honor Mitchell. Only a picture of Mitchell sitting in front of a turntable mixer made up the message. In the comments section, well-known people like Ludacris, Big Boi, 2 Chainz, and Lil Jon sent their condolences.

Mitchell, who is often called “the Queen of Memphis” or “Lady Boo,” started her career as a representative of Memphis hip-hop in 1995, when she contributed to “Mystic Stylez,” Three 6 Mafia’s first full-length studio album. “Mystic Stylez” was the name of the record. She worked with Three 6 Mafia on the recording of several albums, but after her second solo album, “Both Worlds [69],” came out in 2001, she decided to stop working with the band. She has worked with many artists over the course of her long career, including OutKast, Foxy Brown, Yo Gotti, and Run the Jewels.

Gangsta Boo, a 43-year-old man who used to be in the Three 6 Mafia.
image source: google.com Gangsta Boo

Her success is often linked to the Three 6 Mafia, but her solo work is more than good enough to stand on its own. In 1998, her album “Enquiring Minds,” which included the hit single “Where Dem Dollars At?,” came out.

She made three albums on her own, and all of them did well on the R&B charts. She has been in the music business for almost 30 years, and her name has stayed in the spotlight thanks to a steady stream of mixtapes and collaborations.

A press release about her death said that one week before she died, Mitchell recorded a video for the song “Imma Mack” for the producer Drumma Boy’s most recent album, “Welcome to My City Vol. 4.” The video has not been released yet. The song “Imma Mack” was made for the video.

According to a statement from the producer, who is also from Memphis, “Gangsta Boo was more like a sister to me than a friend, and she told stories about me to other people just like my brother did.” “We are both Leos, and what drives us is the same: to bring people together and make them happy.”

“This loss hurts her so much because she has always wanted other people to do well.” Queen of Memphis, rest in peace. “You will always be my sister.” Drumma Boy, whose real name is Christopher James Gholson, is one of the musicians on the list.

As one of the first big Southern female rappers, she helped shine a light on those who came after her, like GloRilla (aka Gloria Woods), the Memphis rapper whose songs like “F.N.F.” recently caught the attention of the whole country. She was one of the first major female Southern rap artists.

Mitchell was a guest on the podcast “Drink Champs” in the fall of 2017. On the show, he discussed GloRilla and Memphis rapper Gloss Up, two rising stars.

Mitchell was happy and said, “It just made me feel good because they went crazy and they did Memphis right.”

Woods posted screenshots of conversations she said she had with Mitchell on Sunday night.

“She’s always been there for me and the girls, even before we became famous,” Woods said. “She helped us before we were well-known.”

Al Kapone, also known as Alphonzo Bailey, was Mitchell’s close friend and often worked with her. He said that her death was a tragic loss for the city of Memphis. He told the Commercial Appeal that Mitchell let him know early on how important his style and influence were in her life.

“Boo was one of the first big female rappers, and new female rappers still look up to her today,” he said. “Boo was one of the first female rappers to get a lot of attention.” Gangsta Memphis rap has become very popular in the 21st century, and Boo is a big reason why.

Billboard asked Mitchell about her legacy and the effect she had on female rap, hip-hop, and the genre as a whole before she died.

“I have to say, in a polite and humble way, that I am the model.” “I can hear my cadence in the music of a few male and female rappers, which makes me very proud,” she told a member of the media. Someone once said, “It just feels so good to stand up and look at yourself in the mirror and think, “Wow, you did that!”

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