Aminata Diallo was granted supervised release in the Hamraoui case.

Five days ago, the footballer for PSG was charged with a crime and placed in temporary custody.

Aminata Diallo, a professional footballer, was charged with a crime on Friday “aggravated violence” and “conspiracy” and placed in pre-trial detention, was released on Wednesday and placed under judicial supervision, the prosecutor’s office in Versailles told AFP. The individual had been held in pre-trial detention after being charged with these offenses.

The player participated on Wednesday in the discussion before the judge of liberties and imprisonment. She is suspected of being the person who sponsored the attack on her former colleague at Paris SG, Kheira Hamraoui, which occurred in November 2021 in Chatou (Yvelines) (JLD). At the request of both the prosecution and the defense, the hearing was held behind closed doors because “During the hearing, one of his lawyers, Me Romain Ruiz, speculated that the massive leaks of information resulting from the investigation benefited Mrs. Diallo. In response to a question from AFP, his three attorneys Mourad Battikh, Chloé Redon, and Romain Ruiz stated that they did not desire to comment after the proceedings.

Sponsor of the violence?

In this particular instance, four males who were born between the years 1999 and 2003 were charged with “conspiracy” and “aggravated violence.” Two of them were sentenced to time behind bars, and the other two were placed under judicial monitoring. While in police custody and being questioned by investigators from the Criminal Investigation Brigade (BRB) of the judicial police, they implicated the former player for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) Aminata Diallo, who does not currently have a club to play for, as being “the sponsor of the violence, to allow him to occupy the position of the victim during future competitions.” This is according to the prosecution. However, the investigators have not yet concluded the precise order in which the incidents transpired. One of the four individuals who were charged with the crime acknowledged to kicking the victim, while the other three men claimed they were present at the time of the assault.

Kheira Hamraoui was attacked with iron bars and beaten on the legs by two guys in front of Aminata Diallo on November 4, 2021, at Chatou (Yvelines), while the two players were driving back to the field from a team supper. The two attackers were seen by Aminata Diallo. Kheira Hamraoui had numerous stitches in her legs and hands as a result of this incident, which also caused her 2021-2022 season to be disrupted, during which she was kicked out of the group. On Tuesday, she was brought back into the PSG team after having her contract extended until 2023.

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