Antoine Dupont is currently in the top 14 and hosting the show.

For the past twenty minutes, the Toulonnais have been completely dominated by the scrum-half for Toulouse. It was time to fold the contest after giving his colleagues three opportunities to score (20-3, final score 28-8).

The first of them appeared in no time at all “The chants of “Dupont! Dupont!” can be heard coming from the spectator stands of the Ernest-Wallon stadium. Just a little over twenty minutes into the first game played at home. It is unavoidable to acknowledge that the scrum-half was the highlight of the show. A deceptive pass in the 17th minute allows an unstoppable placed attack to be initiated. In the twenty-fifth minute, his kick puts the Toulonnais under strain, but they can clear the danger without finding the key; reception from Dupont, straight from Dupont, and acceleration from Dupont. He makes the last adjustments to the defenders and then puts his winger up for evaluation. 23e minute, a wild tumble on the left wing, five Toulonnais flying in the air, including one sat by a racket that was in the process of breaking apart. 26e minute, new tumble, fake pass, and a tiny low kick that lights a fire in the 22-meter RCT. The forwards from Dupont are now available. Test. 20-3. A fold has been made in the match.

After that, there will not be nearly as much of a focus on the scrum half. However, the impression that was left by those crazy twenty minutes will not disappear easily. His statistics backed up his claims. 15 races were run with the ball in hand, 141 meters were covered, six defenders were defeated, and three crossings were made. Consistently successful across all three attempts. And an impressive 13 out of 14 in the tackle, including a powerful stamp on the intimidating winger of the RCT, who is a Fijian named Jiuta Wainiqolo. For a part-time performer, it’s fairly outstanding…

Read more about the Top 14 here, including a video recap of Toulouse’s victory over Toulon, which was highlighted by the Dupont program.

Clément Poitrenaud, the three-quarter coach for the Toulouse team, responded to the onslaught of adulation by working diligently to bring back some sense of proportion. “We are familiar with his punch. As soon as he gets any breathing room, he transforms into a monster. What a letdown after all the anticipation! Otherwise? “There are still some things to go over with him in this review. He made his fair share of individual gaffes, which kept us from being even more productive than we already were “. These two roughly kicked balls, for instance at the end of the first half (a direct touch, a blocked ball).

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We may also point to certain inactivity on the part of the Toulon defense, which worked to the advantage of Antoine Dupont’s festival at Cannes. “We sat there for a quarter of an hour watching them play. The manager of the Var, Franck Azéma, uttered these words. We were always trying to catch up to them. ” Not false. Antoine Dupont deserves credit for standing by his convictions even when they were unpopular. The ideal conclusion is that Ange Capuozzo, a winger for Stade Toulouse who is just starting his career, was signed. “I am pleased to have Antoine as a member of my team…

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