Athletics: Victor wins men’s, two women win at Décastar de Talence

Lindon Victor, from the island nation of Grenada, emerged victorious on Sunday as the winner of the Decathlon competition at the Decastar of Talence. Ivona Dadic of Austria and Emma Oosterwegel of the Netherlands both took first place in the heptathlon at the same time.

Lindon Victor of the Grenadian won the Talence Decastar decathlon with relative ease on Sunday, while Ivona Dadic of Austria and Emma Oosterwegel of the Netherlands shared the title of heptathlon champion when they were unable to decide between themselves.

Victor, who had claimed the lead on Saturday evening after five events, confirmed his hegemony on the new Gironde circuit. In the end, he accumulated 8,550 points, which was both his personal best and the fifth greatest performance in the world this season. The most recent champion of the Birmingham Commonwealth Games finished with a score that was more than 350 points higher than that of Germany’s Manuel Eitel (8193 points) and Estonia’s Risto Lillemets (8149 points), who, in the final moments of the competition, prevailed over France’s Makinson Getty (8141 points, personal best).

The heptathlon had a far more tense atmosphere than the other combined event competitions because two participants finished tied for seventh place after all seven events.

On Saturday evening, Dadic was in the lead, but she watched as Oosterwegel closed the gap and passed her after the javelin for 9 rather minor points. The final of the 800 meters was won by an Austrian, who finished first, beating the Dutch, who finished second, by 66 hundredths, which is equal to 9 points. Both of them are awarded a total of 6233 points.

The final step of the podium is taken by Bianca Salming of Sweden (6028 points). With a score of 5608, the first French competitor, Anaelle Nyabeu Djapa, came in ninth place.

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