Australia complains about referee Mathieu Raynal

The whistle blown by Mr. Raynal, which offered victory to the All Blacks in stoppage time on Saturday, is still being processed by the Wallabies, who are still in the middle of the match. On the other hand, the French referee will serve as an official once more for the rematch on Saturday.

Five days in which Australian government officials and members of the media did not take any time off. They expressed their ire at Mr. Raynal, who, in their opinion, was responsible for handing the victory over to the All Blacks the previous Saturday by allowing Bernard Foley, the opener for the Wallabies, to save time. An infraction that led to the New Zealanders’ winning test in stoppage time, which led to the sanction (37-39). Even a regulation was created by Dave Rennie, who coaches the Wallabies. The referee in France should have shown Foley a yellow card, but instead, he gave the penalty to his team, which allowed them to score…

As conclusive evidence that this is not taking place, Rugby Australia lodged an official complaint with Rugby World on Wednesday in the hopes of obtaining an explanation from the sport’s governing organization. The legitimacy of this decision is no longer contested by the Australian federation; however, they do point out that Mr. Raynal did not make the same decision toward the New Zealand opening half, Richie Mo’unga’a, who took 85 seconds to hit his penalty without being called to order in the 71st minute.

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It is extremely doubtful that World Rugby will rule Mr. Raynal. The evidence is that the contract for the French referee has been renewed, and he will be participating in the refereeing quartet for the rematch between the two teams that will take place this coming Saturday at nine in the morning in Auckland. This time, in keeping with the customary pattern of switching roles, he will not be the official who blows the whistle; rather, the Irishman Andrew Brace will be in charge of that responsibility. Pierre Broussard, a Frenchman, has been selected to serve as the second linesman.


“It doesn’t matter if Mathieu Raynal is susceptible…”

Australian second row Jed Holloway

Jed Holloway, a member of the second line, exerted pressure on Mr. Raynal at a news appearance. “We have to find a productive outlet for our anger on this decision. We are still angry about how we lost, but we have no choice but to act responsibly. No matter how sensitive Mathieu Raynal is, we have to exercise what control we have over the situation. If we give a decent performance for the full 80 minutes, I do not doubt that we will have a successful game.

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