Benjamin Mendy’s trial: “assistant,” “predator,” and offensive lawyer

Mendy is currently being tried in the Crown Court in Chester, which is located in northern England. PETER POWELL / PANORAMIC

DECRYPTION – The trial of the French player, who is accused of several rapes and sexual assaults, will continue for several more weeks after it was postponed to the next Tuesday.

The resumption of Benjamin Mendy’s trial will have to be delayed for the time being. Because one of the jurors had a positive result for covid-19, the deadline has been pushed back to the following week. The trial will most likely pick back up the following Tuesday after being postponed on Wednesday. After that, it will be time for Mendy and his co-suspected, Louis Saha Mattie, to be presented with additional testimonies from alleged victims of rape, attempted rape, and sexual assault. Mendy is accused of raping one woman and attempting to rape another. Louis Saha Matturie is also an accused party. Many testimonies have been able to shed light on different murky aspects of the events that are said to have been committed by the former player for the France national football team. The trial is currently halfway through and is likely to go until the beginning of November.

Read alsoJustice: The trial of Benjamin Mendy, who is accused of committing seven separate rapes, has been postponed until the next week.

Who are the protagonists?

The Mendy affair is primarily focused on Benjamin Mendy, as one could infer from the name of the scandal. As a result of the several rape allegations that have been leveled against him, the tricolor international with ten caps has been banned from playing for Manchester City for the next twelve months (August 2021). The athlete, who is 28 years old, is charged with eight counts of rape, sexual assault, and attempted rape, as well as 10 counts of prosecution for…

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