“Better send those refunds,” said Joe Burrow, who isn’t giving up on the AFC and isn’t afraid of Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes.

In January, Joe Burrow is the AFC’s bad guy because he steals people’s hopes and dreams. One possible upgrade is Patrick Mahomes. Josh Allen has the upper hand when it comes to strength. More ads are being made for both.
But neither of them is as brave or unbeatable as the quarterback for Cincinnati. At least not in recent times.
Sunday, Buffalo had him right where they wanted him: in a snow globe in Western New York, surrounded by the Bills’ table-busting Mafia. Even Damar Hamlin was there, looking down through the snowflakes with an energising look on his face.
After waiting a year and 13 seconds, Buffalo finally got to play against the Chiefs in the divisional round and move closer to the Super Bowl. “If not last year, when?” they thought. How about now?
Maybe a long time from now, when Burrow finally stops working (he’s only 26).
Burrow and the Bengals beat the Browns 27–10 in Cincinnati and then went to Kansas City to defend their AFC Championship. The Bills are back in the middle of their worst season ever, so nothing has changed.
Burrow just said “Domination” on CBS after that. To put it another way, “totally.”
The way Burrow played on the field was great, but that wasn’t all there was to it. In the end, he went 23 for 36, had 242 yards, and scored two touchdowns. He also got 31 yards by running. The Bengals’ ability to control the line of scrimmage changed the game in the end, but their quarterback played very well, especially considering how important the game was.
It “felt like football,” Burrow remarked. In other words, “I had a good time.”
More than anything else, it’s his attitude, confidence, curiosity, and lack of fear in snow, cold, and loud playoff conditions that the Bills could never have imagined.
Everyone on the team, including the coaches and fans, takes on his negative attitude. This makes the already low morale of the franchise even worse.
Before picking Burrow first overall out of LSU in 2020, the burrow bengals had been around since 1968 and had made the playoffs five times.
Since then, they are 5-1, and 3 of those wins have come on the road.
Joe Mixon, a runner, said, “Joe Burrow, great.” We know that when the game is important, like it is today, he will do a great job.
Part of the story is that Burrow could thread the needle, stay out of trouble, and come through when it mattered most.
At the start of the game, when everyone was excited and ready to go, the Bills tried to show who they were and take charge of the mood. On the other hand, Burrow made all four of his passes on the first drive for 64 yards and a touchdown. After Buffalo got out three times in a row, the Bengal made his move. Again, all five of Burrow’s passes went through for a total of 41 yards and a touchdown.
The Bengals quickly took a 14-0 lead, and the Bills never got over the stress of playing in front of a negative crowd.
And after Buffalo cut Cincinnati’s lead to 17-10 in the middle of the third quarter, Burrow and Mixon shut the door with a 12-play, 75-yard touchdown drive that took 6:31 off the clock.
Even though Cincinnati was the current AFC champion, they were a 5.5-point underdog going into the game. No one thought the Bengals could win, but no one thought they could stop the Bills in such a way.
Burrow said, “The job isn’t done.” “We’re going on the road next week for another big event.”
In other words, the Chiefs are coming to town again. When Cincinnati came to town last year, Burrow played better than Mahomes and led the Bengals to a 27-24 overtime win at one of the league’s toughest stadiums. Even though the Bengals’ loss to the Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl was disappointing, the mood had already been set, and few people seem to have noticed.
Many people thought that Mahomes and Allen would continue to dominate the AFC, but Burrow has now knocked both of them out of the playoffs.
If Cincinnati had won the division, the AFC championship game between Kansas City and Buffalo would have been played on neutral ground, like a mini-Super Bowl. However, Cincinnati ruined the NFL’s plan by winning the division.
He bragged, “Better send them refunds for the tickets that didn’t sell.”

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The Bengals’ head coach, Zac Taylor, said with a straight face, “We just keep messing things up for everyone.” That’s terrible. We keep making the same stupid mistakes. That’s why I feel so bad.
Burrow might do even better now that it is so far from Cincinnati. He doesn’t seem to care about anything. Not the most important ones. Neither the small ones nor the ones that don’t matter.
He is from Ohio, but he didn’t get the quarterback job at Ohio State, so he shrugged and went to LSU, where he won the Heisman and the national championship. Now he’s back in Cincinnati to help save the Bengals.
Do you think that a little snow and a lot of people will be enough to wake him up?
I think you’ll have fun with it, “Burrow told him. An enjoyable environment is expected.
Some people in Kansas City might have thought that last year, but he proved them wrong. They can dress Arrowhead in all red and tell him that the high temperature today will be in the teens, but that will probably only make him more determined.
Burrow said, “I feel like we have a more complete team this year.” In other words, “I think our team is the better one. I would say that the team this year is stronger than the team last year. We make our moves when the stakes are high.
Burrow looks like he is ready for anything that comes his way. Keep going, Chiefs! Mahomes and Allen no longer control the AFC, and this team is no longer called the Bungles.
As of right now, Cincinnati is the leader of the conference, at least until someone proves Joe Burrow wrong.

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