Brazil-Tunisia: Our correspondent’s favourites and scratches

The extremely heated environment on Tuesday evening, almost to the point of excess at times. Federico Pestellini / PANORAMIC

DECRYPTION –Find out, in addition to the outcome, what else piqued the interest of our special correspondent who was there at the Parc des Princes on Tuesday evening for the Brazil-Tunisia matchup (5-1).

Brazil is square

What if the Brazilian team finished the winter tournament in Doha with the sixth star on their jersey? In any event, the likelihood of this happening is not improbable. Thiago Silva claims that Tite’s players are prepared for the World Cup, which will take place from November 20 through December 18, and that they have an excellent attacking potential centered around Neymar. The Tunisians were punished for their poor performance, as they were the ones who gave up four goals in the first quarter and five overall (Brazilian success 5-1). Brazil is also a strong team that gives up very few scoring opportunities and defends collectively as a unit. A large group effort, functioning as a machine and getting ready for the world event. Impressive.

Big and beautiful atmosphere at the Park

An upbeat and celebratory mood can be felt all around the Parc des Princes, where fans of both teams can be seen making their way in high spirits and with a sense of humor towards the traditional PSG hangout before the game. It was not unusual to find a few individuals wearing either the red or the yellow jersey singing together in a small group. However, there was a significantly greater presence of red jerseys. In point of fact, Tunisian supporters made up the majority of the troops, and they kept the Parisian enclosure’s temperature up, kept the mood bubbling over, and made it a really pleasant place to be. It is obvious that the early goals scored by the Selecao dampened their enthusiasm, but the fans of the Carthage Eagles found their voice again as the second half progressed, cheering on their favorite players as they earned their stripes. Excellent ambiance to be found at the Park. Indeed, but…

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The heart of the Eagles of Carthage

Despite the fact that Dylan Bronn was sent off in the 42nd minute and that Brazil was already ahead 4-1 at the break, Tunisia did not drop their heads after the break. This was similar to the performance of the Ellyes Skhiri and Aissa Laidouni duo. We have, in a sense, rediscovered the values of these Tunisian players, who did not shy away from taking the initiative to advance their cause and unsettle Brazilian senators. Which Brazilians’ defensive strength has not been significantly compromised in their most recent matches? Even with the entire park dedicated to their cause, it would have taken more to see Tunisians with large hearts like that turn thing around. It is obvious that this would have been the case. In addition, with Pedro now on the field, the Brazilian national team was able to rack up even more points in the second half. However, Didier Deschamps, who was in the grandstand watching the game, most likely did not miss a single thing that Tunisia did to impress the crowd.


The spoiled party

When there was a lot of heat in the air, it also exploded. Despite several warnings from Michel Montana, the announcer for the match at the Parc des Princes, the Brazilian players continued to play with laser pointers shining directly into their eyes the entire time. At the base of the presidential stand, there were many efforts made by a few overly exuberant individuals during the second period to get onto the field of play. At halftime, there were also several heated exchanges between the police and others who attempted to enter the stadium. There was a whistling of the Brazilian national anthem, which caused the Marquinhos of Paris to be filled with rage. Finally, there were projectiles hurled from the stands after Brazilian corners as well as after goals scored by the Selecao. One of these projectiles, a banana, specifically, landed in front of Richarlison. Racist, not racist? After making his decision and being of the opinion that these photographs belong “in the past,” Thiago Silva bemoaned the fact that it was not football. “It’s not football,” he said. “I’m sad”, he added. Not only is he not the only one…

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Electric also in the field

This so-called friendly match was anything but friendly in reality. The volume increased multiple times, with throngs that had the potential to become disorderly. It is a fact that the mediation provided by Ruddy Buquet did not significantly contribute to the reduction of tension… As an illustration, the red that was given to Dylan Bronn (42nd) would have been worth little more than an orange-yellow. Neymar enjoyed himself by making fun of the Tunisians as they fought to keep their anxieties in check. In a nutshell, the party was ruined in part by a group of intellectuals who were sitting in the stands, and also by the hostility that could be felt on the field.

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