Brazilian Federation rejects banana throw at Richarlison against Tunisia

The Brazilian striker who scored the second goal for Auriverde against the Tunisians at the Parc des Princes was the target of projectiles, including a banana, from the spectators in the stands.

Richarlison, a Brazilian striker, was celebrating a goal scored against Tunisia on Tuesday in a friendly at the Parc des Princes. The match was also briefly interrupted due to lasers being pointed at the players. A banana was thrown from the stands toward Richarlison while he was celebrating the goal. Richarlison had just scored Brazil’s second goal (19th minute) in this training meeting for the 2022 World Cup (November 20-December 18), when the Tottenham striker was targeted by a few projectiles from the stands, including a banana. Richarlison had just scored in the 19th minute. After celebrating the goal with his teammates, Richarlison went back to his place while maintaining an expression of displeasure.

Unfortunately, following the action, a banana was thrown on the grass in the direction of Richarlison, who scored the second Brazilian goal. This racist act was immediately condemned by the Brazilian Federation (CBF) through its Twitter account. The Christian Broadcasting Fellowship (CBF) confirms its stand in the struggle against racism and denounces any display of prejudice. The Brazilian team stepped in to defend one of its strikers, Vinicius, who was the subject of racist chanting during a match between Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid that took place on the turf of Atlético’s neighboring stadium. An investigation has been initiated by the Spanish court system.

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