Cholet knocks out Asvel, ending the suspense

The incumbent French champions of Asvel were defeated by Meilleraie on Sunday, during the opening day of Betclic Elite, despite having a fantastic start to the competition.

This Sunday evening at the Meilleraie, the continuation and conclusion of the first day of the Betclic Elite will take place, featuring a poster match between Cholet and the champions of France Villeurbanne. Dominic Artis scored 20 points to lead CB to victory in this nail-biter, which they won 91-89. An unexpected victory and a remarkable accomplishment in this rematch of the opening round of the playoffs from the previous year. Despite this, it was players from TJ Parker’s team that scored first, winning the first quarter 27-13. In response, the locals removed the second 23-15, which served solely to rekindle the sense of anticipation. And the crowd, which was on edge from the very beginning to the very end, felt like they got their money’s worth right up until the very final seconds of the game. Nando De Colo (21 points), who had the match point after a solid pass from TJ Campbell 9″5 from the buzzer and with CB holding a point lead, missed the opportunity to win the game. Boris Dallo, who finished with 13 points, then returned one of his two free throws in the final seconds of the game.

“We started the match well, we knew how to handle what we wanted to do on the pitch, but at some point in the game, it swung in their favor, and we were unable to recover from it.”

On being Sports, the pestilence of Colo, who has returned to France after spending many years elsewhere. Since this is a new team, we need to learn how to play together, pass the ball to the appropriate spot, and most importantly, defend as a unit. This game exposed a lot of weaknesses in our defensive play. And the former Choletais would want to add, in all fairness, regarding the response of his former audience. “I was pleasantly received, and I suspected it, I know how the Choletais are, and I wish them a nice season,” he said. On Tuesday evening, the second day of the championship will begin, and one of the main events will be a derby between Nanterre and Paris. The graduates Blois and Nancy will receive a visit from Asvel and Monaco, respectively.

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