Eight rape accusations against Mendy were dropped in England’s trial.

Benjamin Mendy, who was on trial for eight rapes, found out from the prosecution that one of the complainant’s claims had been dismissed. Mendy had been accused of eight rapes.

Judge Stephen Everett said on Tuesday that one of the eight rape allegations that were being brought against world football champion Benjamin Mendy, who is presently on trial in England, had been dismissed due to a lack of adequate evidence being presented by the prosecution. His co-defendant, Louis Saha Mattie, was also acquitted of two counts of rape and one count of sexual assault committed against the same victim. The events transpired throughout July and August of 2021.

The French defender, who is 28 years old and plays for Manchester City, has been on trial in Chester, which is located in northern England, since the beginning of August. He is currently being held accountable for seven rapes, one attempted rape, and one sexual assault committed against seven different women. Saha Mattie, who is not related to the former player Louis Saha in any way, is still being investigated for his alleged involvement in six rapes and three sexual assaults. Both guys have denied all of the allegations.

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Before the break, defense lawyers had seriously questioned the rape qualification when questioning the victim in the morning

After the court had taken its lunch break, the prosecutor, Timothy Cray, informed the judge and the rest of the jury that he was withdrawing his efforts to secure a conviction based on the facts relating to victim number seven, who had been questioned earlier in the day. After upon, Judge Stephen Everett gave the jury the instruction to return a finding of not guilty on the counts that were at issue. Before the break, the defense attorneys had raised several very valid concerns about the definition of rape while they were interrogating the victim in the morning.

According to reports from the British press, the discussions had centered primarily on a video that showed the antics that took place between the accuser and Louis Saha Mattie. The accuser claimed that she was unaware of the existence of the video, but on the video, we could see her looking multiple times in the direction of the telephone that had been used to record it, which was held by Saha Mattie. She had also been questioned about the texts she had written to Saha Matturie after the rapes of which she accused him, particularly while she was on vacation. These communications were sent after she accused him of having sexual relations with her.

Benjamin Mendy was held in pre-trial detention for over four months, from August 2021 until January 2022. This occurred even though he was a member of the France national team that won the 2018 World Cup. After being arrested in December, he was released at the beginning of January and is currently awaiting his trial while under judicial supervision. Benjamin Mendy is the most expensive defender in history. In 2017, Manchester City paid 52 million pounds (about 61.4 million euros at the current price) to secure his services, making him the most expensive defender in history. Benjamin Mendy trained in Le Havre was revealed in Marseille and spent a season with Monaco.

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