Giroud tells Deschamps, “I’ve never put the souk in a locker room.”

The Blues striker is currently present in Clairefontaine, and he is aware of the position he needs to take within the France team to have any chance of going to Qatar.

Olivier Giroud, who is 35 years old, is no spring chicken. Who is fully aware of the fact that his position on the France national team is not just dependent on how well he plays for AC Milan or the Blues and who knows it? Didier Deschamps called him up this week for France’s next matches in the Nations League against Austria on Thursday and Denmark on Sunday. He is the second all-time leading scorer for the selection, with 48 goals in 112 appearances, and he is well aware of what to anticipate. As a result of Karim Benzema’s injury, he is forced to discard one of his final options to travel with the team to Doha and participate in the World Cup (November 20-December 18). with the highest possible expectation of finding a new star.

Olivier Giroud, Kylian Mbappé, and Antoine Griezmann are shown here. IMAGE: FRANCK FIFE/AFP

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Giroud got the message when he was kicked out of the team after Euro 2021, in particular, because of a comment he made about Kylian Mbappé just before the competition, and he was only brought back when Madrid’s striker wasn’t available. And plans to communicate with his coach via various means. “Does he put the idea that I am a good team player on RTL? “Not a team player,” as the saying goes, is someone who does not play for the team and who does not show full support for both the group and the attackers when they score. I was the first person to congratulate Karim after he scored at the Euro, and I immediately jumped all over him. My frame of mind has not shifted in the slightest; neither has my level of motivation nor my resolve. That won’t budge one inch. Following that, the decision will be made by the coach “. A way for Giroud to demonstrate that at the age of 35, for what will be his final World Cup, he is aware that the combination of Benzema, Griezmann, and Mbappé has passed him.

Behind the trio of stars, Giroud offers the most guarantees in the French team

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When our coworkers asked Giroud about the post-Euro and the conversation he had with Didier Deschamps, he elaborated a little bit more on his responses. ” He broke it down for me in a way that was easy to understand, telling me that the France squad now had a predetermined hierarchy. Naturally, I have respect for her, which is why I’m constantly here to contribute something useful to the group and do what I’m most capable of doing to get myself reinstated. Even while I was on the bench, I made sure to aim my shots toward the rest of the team. Because I have never considered the souk to be a locker room, this idea must be taken into consideration as well.

Olivier Giroud is still the most viable alternative despite the French team’s terrible performance in the League of Nations in June (two losses and two draws), as well as the highest relative contribution of certain offensive aspects (Ben Yedder, Diaby). hidden behind the group of three stars. When compared to his direct competition, his curriculum vitae (CV), his experience, his profile, and his position within the group are all arguments in his favor. Didier Deschamps is the sole person who has the authority to decide this particular issue.

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