Henry and Fofana’s friendly exchange after ASM-OL

The midfielder had a conversation with the Prime Video expert following the Monegasque victory (2-1) against Lyon on Sunday evening during the seventh day of the Ligue 1 competition.

Thierry Henry is still regarded as one of the most revered figures in French football even though he has been playing for Amazon Prime Video since the end of the previous season. Amazon Prime is the primary broadcaster of Ligue 1. A conviction that is virtually always reinforced by his interventions and conversations with the players in the French championship. These take place almost weekly.

This was observed once again on Sunday evening when his old team, AS Monaco, defeated Lyon (2-1) at the end of the seventh day of Ligue 1 play. The game took place at the end of the seventh day. Youssouf Fofana, a Monegasque midfielder who is 23 years old, displayed timidity and respect when he was asked to present his analysis of the meeting in front of the microphone of Michel Platini, who won the world championship in 1998 and the European championship in 2000. The entirety provides a pleasant sequence between a younger player who is inspired by the aura and the work experience of his older.

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Following the strategic inquiry from Thierry Henry, the native Parisian, who most notably played for the Red Star or Drancy before evolving in Strasbourg, first responded with a courteous formula. ” Would you mind if I had a casual word with you? He showed a grin. The first thing “Titi” said in response was, “Oh no, but go ahead, have fun.” A carefree and humorous scene that exemplified once more the gentle and deferential gaze that the younger players in Ligue 1 had for the former player of ASM, Arsenal, or even Barcelona.

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