Iran: footballers wear tracksuits during anthems to protest tyranny.

During the national anthems that were played on Tuesday evening during the game against Senegal, the Iranian players decided to wear a black parka to conceal the jerseys that they were wearing for their national team.

A scenario that became famous. When the national anthems were played before their match against Senegal, the Iranian players wore tracksuits to show their support for the ongoing protest movement in their country.

To refresh your memory, an Iranian woman named Mahsa Amini passed away approximately two weeks ago while being detained by the morality police for not having worn the veil “properly.” According to the non-governmental organization Iran Human Rights, the populace rose directly against the power, and as a result, the demonstrations caused more than 75 deaths.

A kind of political dissent that is supported by the footballers of the nation, most notably the team’s best player, Sardar Azmoun. “The ultimate objective of the [punishment] is to have the offender kicked off the national team, which is a rather minor sacrifice to make for even a single lock of hair taken from an Iranian woman. The striker for Leverkusen was confident. “It is something that will remain ingrained in our memories forever. I have no concern about losing my position. You should feel ashamed of yourselves for killing so many people so carelessly, and may the Iranian women enjoy long and prosperous lives. “If they are Muslims, may God make me an infidel,” he wrote in a tale on his since-deleted Instagram account, which was about how he had been threatened by the religion.

During Tuesday’s match against Senegal, the international player, who is 27 years old, was joined this time by his teammates. At the time of the national anthems, the Iranians masked the fact that they were wearing the shirt of their national team by covering it up with a plain black parka. A step that was necessary for the celebrity Azmoun, whose Instagram profile had been virtually entirely deleted. The striker had clarified that the Iranian national team players were not allowed to comment on the matter because their organization had had such a ban in place. The order was not respected by the player, who also scored a goal against Senegal as a symbolic gesture (1-1).

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