Jackie Nava defeats Mariana Juárez by unanimous decision in super bantamweight

Mexican Jackie Nava defeated her compatriot Mariana Juárez by unanimous decision this Saturday in a super bantamweight fight and won the World Boxing Council (WBC) Pink Diamond commemorative belt.

The judges voted 100-90, 97-93, and 99-91 in favor of Nava in a battle between two pioneers, both 41, of professional boxing in Mexico.

From the beginning of the battle, both fighters were aggressive. the “Barbie” Juárez tried with the straight left, but the so-called “Aztec Princess” responded with a pair of hooks on the body of her rival.

Nava maintained his dominance in the second and third rounds. He hurt the native of Mexico City with various combinations to the face.

Towards the end of the fourth episode, Jackie took advantage of her increased speed to repeat the punishment to the face of Mariana, who was slow in her defense.

The “Barbie” suffered in the fifth game the constant hitting of her opponent’s left hand, it even cost her to keep her guard up to protect herself from the attacks of the one born in Tijuana.

As the fight matured, Nava’s left hooks became more forceful, along with combinations that Juarez couldn’t contain.

Mariana’s courage was her greatest virtue in the face of the rain of blows that fell on her in the seventh episode. Jackie took advantage of the fatigue that her opponent began to show to not miss with her left hand.

The “Princess Azteca” slowed down between the eighth and tenth innings, a situation that Juárez took advantage of to unleash some blows that Nava dodged with a good waist game and responded with accurate hooks on the body of his rival.

Nava; former world champion of the bantamweight and super bantamweight divisions; now has 39 wins, 16 by knockout, four losses, and four draws. Juárez had 55 wins, 19 on the fast track, 11 losses, and four draws.

At the end of the battle, Jackie Nava stressed her speed was key to defeating Mariana.

“I am the princess of all Mexico. Mariana was a difficult opponent, but today my speed was key. I feel like 30 years old,” he confessed.

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