Kevin Durant to Nets: “I’m motivated to move forward”

Kevin Durant, who had been rumored to be leaving the Brooklyn Nets, decided to remain with the team during the summer for a new season with the New York franchise.

The return of NBA teams is drawing near, and players are required to participate in the time-honored practice of Media Day, during which they must answer questions posed by journalists fresh out of the vacation. The Brooklyn Nets welcomed the media to their newly renovated press area on Monday, one day before the opening of their training camp.

At the heart of the plans was Kevin Durant, who had conveyed to the organization on the eve of the start of free agency in July his desire to play for another team other than the Brooklyn Nets. The request came just a few days after point guard Kyrie Irving exercised his option to return to the Nets for the 2022-2023 season, which set off a flurry of speculations among the most important players on the squad.

“I am resolute in my commitment to make progress with this group. Every day, I carry on in the same manner as always. Only the work I do is under my control. To play is part of my work description. he stated while attending the Media Day for the Brooklyn Nets.

Even though Durant had “doubts” about the general direction of the Nets and the leadership of coach Steve Nash, he asserted that everything was good with Irving, whom he had met before signing with the Nets.

Before agreeing to revoke his resignation request, Durant stated that he “voiced them to Joe (Tsai),” adding that he also held talks with Nash and general manager Sean Marks before making his decision. “I’m becoming old. I want to be in a secure environment and work toward establishing a culture of winners. We were in agreement that we needed to keep making progress.

Irving stated on Monday that he chose to return to Brooklyn because “it was the best decision” for him. He did concede, though, that the 4-0 sweep the Brooklyn Nets received at the hands of the Boston Celtics in the first round of the playoffs had caused him to be “worried.”

To refresh your memory, speculations surrounding the Phoenix Suns, Miami Heat, and Memphis Grizzlies were all linked to the all-star multiple players. It was also rumored that the Boston Celtics had a significant amount of interest in signing Durant, and the Golden State Warriors were among the other clubs who were considering making an offer.

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