Liberation’s frightening findings about PSG’s Nasser al-Khelafi

The president of the Paris SG, Nasser al-Khelafi, is in a state of upheaval. This release, which is scheduled for this coming Thursday, September 29, focuses on the “sulfurous techniques” of Qatar.

This Thursday, September 29, 2022, our friends at Release in One will be publishing an article with the heading “Blackmail, abuse, and USB keys: the CEO of PSG at the core of a crisis.” A comprehensive examination of Qatari tactics used in the service of Nasser al-Khelafi is published daily, and it includes examples of torture as well as death threats and sensitive data. If the Parisian club is not directly implicated in this investigation, the “nebula whirling around PSG” as a whole is caught in the crossfire of the probe.

The release indicates in his three-page report that a Franco-Algerian businessman named “Tayeb B,” who was 41 years old at the time of his detention, was detained in Doha at the beginning of the year 2020. The man was detained in Qatar for nine months, and it is believed that he had several sensitive documents about the personal and professional life of the president of PSG, as well as his entourage from Qatar. These documents are said to have included additional evidence of Qatar’s alleged corruption about the awarding of the next World Cup (November 20 – December 18).

According to “a person close to these investigations qualified as ultra-sensitive” who was contacted by Release, the victim Tayeb B. would have looked for a way “to place oneself, to monetize the records” to obtain “consideration or money.” However, Qatar wanted to make sure that these sensitive documents could never be made public, as this would damage Nasser al-reputation Khelafi’s stature as someone close to Emir Tamim ben Hamad Al Thani.

See also: the stadium, the air conditioner, the alcoholic beverages, and the smokes… 72 days before the start of the World Cup, Qatar was put through its first real-life simulated test.

According to Release, “Tayeb B.” was born in Gennevilliers in 1981 and is described as a “frenzied entrepreneur with a large network.” He would go on to run no fewer than fifteen different enterprises. Since 2019, he and his family had made their permanent home in Doha, Qatar. The Franco-Algerian, who invests in the Gulf and Africa, claims to have met Nasser al-Khelafi in 2017 through the associative activities that he carried out in Ile-de-France. These activities include the participation of the PSG and beIN Sports, both of which are chaired by “NAK.”

abuse and threats

According to the extensive account provided in Release, Tayeb B.’s wife continues to travel between Qatar and Algeria to secure her husband’s release from prison. Meanwhile, Tayeb B. is being held in Salwa Road prison, where he is subjected to inhumane conditions, including total isolation. Sometimes they are made to sit on a chain for dozens of hours straight without being allowed to move or speak. His wife’s job is to transfer what is known as “a red suitcase” to Qatar. This “red suitcase” contains a huge quantity of private documents and digital material, as well as a written restriction from contacting the French Police.

The wife of Tayeb B. meets Rachida Dati, who will direct her to the cabinet of Olivier Prado, who is the size of the Paris bar and a media figure who is close to Eric Zemmour. This meeting takes place on the advice of Yamina Benguigui, who served as Minister Delegate for La Francophonie in the government of Jean-Marc Ayrault. Both the Mayor of the 7th arrondissement of Paris and Maitre Prado, who were both contacted by Release, have corroborated this information.

According to Liberation, discussions and lengthy negotiations then took place with the attorneys of Nasser al-Khelafi: Francis Szpiner and his assistant Renaud Semerdjian. The goal of these discussions and talks was to return all of the USB keys to Qatar. On June 15, two of the keys were returned, and on July 1 the remaining key was finally given back, which ultimately resulted in the release of Tayeb B.

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