Ligue 1’s Irles laments, “We had better things to do” (Troyes)

Bruno Irles, the coach of Troyes, said after their loss against Lens, which was 1-0, “The result seems rational.” That is what keeps the hunger in me going. We did not make it to our first half. I am aware that we are currently in Lens, which has a fantastic audience. I am aware that RC Lens will go on first tonight. However, I cannot shake the feeling that there was more that my squad and its players could have accomplished if given the chance. In the first half, we ought to have carried ourselves with more authority. On set pieces, we shouldn’t have been working so feverishly. We had more important things to attend to. In the second half, we demonstrated that we were capable of causing issues. If we blow our first half, we shouldn’t have high hopes for the second. We have the capability of competing with teams of this caliber, including Monaco and Rennes. I want all of my players to agree with me on this. It has nothing to do with being away from home. That is something that must not be lost on my guys.

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