Luis Campos is unhappy with PSG’s transfer activities in Paris.

In an interview that was carried on RMC on Friday, PSG football adviser Luis Campos expressed his displeasure with the way the capital club handled the summer market.

“The Portuguese, who took over as the new sporting director this summer following Leonardo’s sacking, admitted that the team does not possess the ideal equilibrium. There is no question that our team as a whole possesses an extremely high level of talent, but in the end, our performance is not flawless. This presents a significant challenge for us. It’s great to have talented players, but when we’re down to three central defenders and one of them is injured, things get tricky for us. We were unable to acquire the player that we require. The transfer window is like a puzzle, and when one of the pieces is missing, it means that the puzzle is not complete.

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During the summer transfer window, Paris Saint-Germain added six players to their roster (Vitinha, Renato Sanches, Hugo Ekitike, Carlos Soler, Fabian Ruiz, and Nordic Mukiele), however, they let go of almost twenty players that were deemed undesirable, the majority of them were in the shape of ready. However, the team was unable to successfully acquire a center back of a very high quality, which was one of their priorities. “When I arrived, there were already 54 players, but we had been instructed that we only required 21-22 players and that we should incorporate some younger people. To comply with financial fair play and maintain a team of 54 players, we needed to begin cutting the roster. “We have set up a different model with a person responsible for the economic part and be responsible for the athlete, but the two must work together, with the athlete as the priority. “, he explained in the form of a spade addressed to Antero Henrique, the former sporting director of PSG who was tasked this summer to ensure the departure of players who were not desirable for the club.

“It is not a favorable transfer window, he continued, beginning from the moment we begin to condition the athletes and ending with the state of the economy. We are missing players in key places, and we have too many players overlapping in key spots. We didn’t sell too many players, and some of the ones we loaned out will be back with us the following year. Luis Campos also suggested that Paris Saint-Germain did not want to part ways with Neymar, who is one of the most talented players for the club at the moment. “We are putting our faith in the three players up front, namely Lionel Messi, Neymar, and Kylian Mbappé (editor’s note: “I see Neymar involved in both the football we play as a team and the project we are working on as a club,” stated the Portuguese player.

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