Mathias Pogba admits initiating the threat video

As part of a judicial inquiry into allegations of extortion with a weapon, kidnapping or kidnapping in conjunction with an organised gang, and involvement in a criminal association, five people have been ordered to be held in prison by the police.

We learned on Thursday from a source close to the file confirming information from the Parisian that Mathias Pogba, the older brother of Blues star footballer Paul Pogba, admitted while he was in police custody in the investigation into the extortion of funds denounced by his brother, to have been at the initiative of a video threatening him. This information was confirmed by the Parisian. Before being brought into arrest on Wednesday, 32-year-old Mathias Pogba voluntarily submitted himself to the police. As part of a judicial investigation that was opened on September 2 in Paris, five people were taken into custody by the police (one on Tuesday and four on Wednesday, including that of Mathias Pogba). The investigation was opened for a variety of crimes, including extortion with a weapon, kidnapping or kidnapping in an organised gang, and participation in an association of wrongdoers.

An initial complaint was lodged on July 16 with the parquet floor of Turin (Italy) by Paul Pogba. This astonishing incident, which shocks the Blues and more broadly the world of football two months before the World Cup in Qatar, began with this complaint being lodged. In this formal accusation, the Juventus player alleged that between March and July of 2022, he was the target of extortion attempts totaling 13 million euros.

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But the truth wasn’t revealed until the 27th of August, when a mysterious video of Mathias Pogba, who is also a professional footballer, was released. In the video, Mathias Pogba stated that he would reveal “revelations” regarding his brother. According to a source with knowledge of the situation, Mathias stated when he was in the custody of the police that he was the one who came up with the idea for this film.

“He’s a calm guy, unrecognizable on the video”

Nevertheless, upon being questioned by the authorities, Paul Pogba stated that he believed Mathias to be “under the coercive influence of individuals who wanted to extort money from him. AFP was able to speak with a member of the family and they were able to explain that “Mathias (was) under pressure.” “This relative had also mentioned that he is not as agitated in real life as he appears on the video (which sparked the affair) where he is trembling. “He’s a peaceful guy,” the relative had said.

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The previous week, Mathias Pogba spoke to himself in the voice of his former attorney and told himself that any attempt at extortion against his brother, Paul Pogba, was “totally foreign to any extortion tactic.”

According to information from France Info radio, which was confirmed to AFP by a source familiar with the matter, Paul Pogba, the star of the France team, had told investigators during his first hearing that he had been trapped by childhood friends and two men in hoods armed with assault rifles who accused him of not having helped them financially. Pogba was accused of not having helped them financially. According to a source who is familiar with the situation, in addition to Mathias Pogba, there have been four other individuals detained in connection with this issue since Tuesday. These individuals are either relatives or associates of the two Pogba brothers.

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