Mayweather boxing: “an easy opponent and easy money”

Floyd Mayweather told reporters in Tokyo on Thursday that he anticipates “an easy opponent and easy money” in the exhibition boxing match that he is supposed to have on Sunday against the Japanese mixed martial arts (MMA) star Mikuru Asakura. The fight is set to take place in Japan.

During a fight exhibition in Japan in 2018, the great star of American boxing, who was undefeated throughout his professional career (50 victories), had beaten the young Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa, who was only 20 years old at the time, in a ring after only a few punches and in under two minutes flat. This victory came during the fight.

The incident was largely considered to have been a comedy of errors.

This time around, the American, who is 45 years old, assured the audience at the Saitama Super Arena, which is located north of Tokyo, that he would provide them with value for their money in what will be another profitable performance for him.

Mayweather said this after a practice session that was delayed for an hour because he had “slept too much.” “I suppose the last time I came here it was so quick that no one had a chance to take advantage of it,” Mayweather remarked after the delay.

“I’m going to go quickly, but there aren’t a lot of bouts on the calendar, so I’ll make sure to go up to three (rounds) unless you guys want me to go (more) fast,” the boxer said. “I’m going to go fast, but there aren’t a lot of fights on the program.”

continued to have confidence in Mayweather, who is also known by his ring handle “Money.”

The super featherweight boxer retired from making a comeback in 2017 to defeat MMA superstar Conor McGregor via technical knockout in the tenth round of their fight in an English boxing ring with English boxing rules.

According to reports, an agreement for a rematch between the two superstars to take place in 2023 is very close to being finalized.

Mayweather’s most recent exhibition bout, which took place in Abu Dhabi and featured ‘Dangerous’ Don Moore, was in May.

In June, Mayweather was honored by being inducted into the “Hall of Fame” of international boxing.

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