Mbappé will skip Tuesday’s Blues picture session.

The Blues striker is putting pressure on the institution as a result of the fight he is having with the FFF over the image rights he holds.

One additional scandal surrounds the team from France. Didier Deschamps would have fared better if there hadn’t been another issue to contend with, given the high level of anxiety around his team’s return to school amid the ongoing drama involving Paul Pogba, Laurent Le Great, and the French Football Federation (FFF).

A concern that has been present for several months

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Kylian Mbappé “decided not to take part in the planned photo session” Tuesday with the France team after the refusal of the Federation to “modify the agreement”Regarding image rights for players, he said in a statement given to AFP on Monday. All of the players gathered at Clairefontaine on Monday.

Read also: the Pogba scandal, allegations against Le Grat, and the precarious state of the FFF. The French team’s return brings with it a great deal of anxiety.

The star player for the Blues and the Paris Saint-Germain “and its agents (…) very regret that no compromise could be reached as sought before the World Cup on this matter, which was already problematic in March. Regarding this topic, Noel Le Grat, after having conversations with the agents of Mbappé, had maintained that there would be no alteration made by the time the World Cup rolled around. He maintained his word. In the same way, the player’s advisors have not changed their stance in the slightest. To have a genuine conversation with the deaf.

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