Nantes starts against Chambéry, Chartes surprised Aix

At the beginning of the Starligue season, while Aix was playing at home against Chambéry, the “H” maintained its rank. Aix was surprised from the beginning of the game.

The city of Nantes did not resume its participation in the Star League. The Nantes squad kicked off the new Starligue season with a victory at home against Chambéry, one week after their victory over PSG in the Champions Trophy (37-33). (30-21). The “H” showed a peek of its attacking strike power against Chambéry while they were in good form at the beginning of the season. This was symbolized by the two Spanish internationals Valero Rivera (7 goals) and Kauldi Odriozola (5 goals). Ivan Pesic, the team’s goalkeeper, had an outstanding performance, making 20 saves.

The first half of the game was when Nantes found the majority of their success, as they racked up ten goals by the 22nd minute (15-5), and then increased their capital to +13 by the end of the game (28-15, 53rd).

Such triumph, on the other hand, escaped Aix, which shockingly finished third in 2021-2022. They were defeated by Chartres (34-27), and their Spanish international Adrian Figueras brought them to victory (8 goals). In addition, the Provencaux were challenged by the effectiveness of goalkeeper Julien Mayer, who stood out with 17 saves. Cesson-Rennes cruised to a 27-23 victory over Ivry in the other match of the evening, while Dunkirk prevailed at promoted Sélestat by the narrowest of margins (29-28).

After moving to Istres on Saturday evening, the championship contender Montpellier will celebrate its fortieth year of existence by moving to a new stadium on Sunday (8 p.m.). A prelude to the shock of the first day, Paris Saint-Germain, eight times champion of France, and the favorite to succeed despite the departures of Mikkel Hansen, Nedim Remili, and Benoit Kounkoud, will face Nimes, sixth in 2021-2022, on Sunday afternoon. This match will serve as a prelude to the surprise that will occur on the first day (5:00 p.m.).

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