Okobo and Tarpey remake Blues picture with Doncic and Céline Dion


Élie Okobo and Terry Tarpey, both of the French national team, reminisce about their time competing in the European Basketball Championship with each other as vice-champions of Europe.

When the French-American Terry Tarpey recalls the few smashes that were made during Eurobasket, the humorous Elie Okobo shouts, “So many dunks” (so many dunks). On Tuesday, two days after their team’s loss in the final match against Spain, the captain of AS Monaco and the back-winger for Le Mans were both in attendance at the media day hosted by the LNB (88-76). Even though they were worn out and still haunted by their loss, the two guys did not break their complicity when they were telling the story of their journey through Germany. The interview was interrupted and moved (a little) about.

The moment they felt the strongest

Elie Okobo: For me, it was on the defensive side during our semi-final match against Poland (which we won 95-54) It was clear to us that they were unable to find any solutions. They were being suffocated by our presence. Either a pick or a rebound put us right back where we started on the opposite side of the field. That was the moment when we realized how powerful a team we were.

To quote Terry Tarpey: For me, it was the game against Lithuania (a 77-73 loss in the group stage), which was my first time playing in the starting five. I took a shot at the 3-point line…

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