Oyonnax beats Grenoble and leads Pro D2

Oyonnax trounced Grenoble with a score of 46-13 in the first match of the second day of the French Pro D2 tournament. As a result of this victory, Oyonnax has taken the temporary lead in the rankings ahead of Rouen, which is also unbeaten.

Even though the match got off to a terrible start, “Oyo” never showed any signs of fear when playing against his neighbor Grenoble, who was a co-leader of the championship going into the clash.

As soon as the “Women” started warming up, starting back Darren Sweetnam suffered a concussion and had to be taken out of the game. Justin Boudreaux, who was brought in as a last-minute replacement, did not fare any better, as he abandoned his injured teammates beginning in the fifth minute. Grenoble capitalized on the opportunity presented by his injury to score the first try of the match. Grenoble’s opponent was injured.

But Oyonnax, thanks in large part to its dominant forwards, did not leave Grenoble hope for very long and went it alone for the rest of the game, scoring six tries and pocketing an attacking bonus, the second consecutive one at home. Grenoble did not score again in the game.

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