Positions, traits, flaws What can Ruiz and Soler deliver PSG?

Fabian Ruiz and Carlos Soler were the winners. Panoramic.

On Saturday, when Paris Saint-Germain takes on Stade Brestois, it might be beneficial for the two Spaniards to get some playing experience with PSG (5 p.m.).

The words of Christophe Galtier are clear: this Saturday afternoon, against Stade Brestois, it will not be the same eleven as against Juventus. Need to inject freshness to keep everyone involved. “It needs freshness and there will be some because I have a quality workforce even if certain elements lack benchmarks like Fabián Ruiz and Carlos Soler who arrived 4 days from a Champions League match (against Juventus last Tuesday, 2-1 victory).”

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Their preferential position

Fabian Ruiz

The Spaniard is a dynamic midfielder who joined the team at the end of the summer transfer market after previously playing for SSC Naples. In Campania, as in Andalusia, and at Real Betis Balompié – his previous club, which he left in the summer of 2018 – he rotated between various positions in the midfield, including sentry in front of the defense, a defensive midfielder in a double-pivot with or without a playmaker in front of him, or even a midfielder. In Andalusia, he played at Real Betis Balompié, It was in this final position that Roberto Moreno and then Luis Enrique utilized him while playing for La Roja, whose colors he defended 15 times and for whom he scored 1 goal.

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Carlos Soler

The player who was trained at FC Valence moved to the capital of France on the final day of the summer transfer market. He is a more attacking player than his compatriot, who also played for a French club. Although he had experience playing in the middle of the field for Ches, he was sometimes positioned in the middle of the attack as an attacking midfielder or on the right side of the field as an eccentric playmaker in a traditional 4-4-2 formation. When Luis Enrique was in charge of the Spanish national team (9 caps, 3 goals), the player was utilized primarily as a midfielder.

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Their qualities

Fabian Ruiz

The former Neapolitan is first and foremost a very good technician. He is just as comfortable in the art of control as he is in that of holding the ball – he particularly excels in dribbling clearance – or even in that passing, as evidenced by the four assists he delivered last season in Serie A. These qualities, combined with his good vision of the game, allow him to bring verticality to the game. And most importantly, in contrast to the other Parisian midfielders, he possesses a wonderful ball strike with his left foot, which he never hesitates to emphasize near the surface, particularly when he is somewhat off-center on the right side. . He can make a snap judgment. In the most recent competition, the Italian championship, he was successful in finding the back of the net seven times. Because of his strong understanding of positioning, he is also capable of being effective from a defensive standpoint.

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Carlos Soler
The footballer, who was born in Valencia, is considered to be “vertical” because he possesses excellent technical skills as well as strong physical attributes. He also enjoys projecting himself with the ball at his feet – the high frequency of support he receives assisting him in eliminating his opponents – as well as serving in depth or in the feet of his partners who are placed higher than him; it is not for nothing that he has accumulated thirteen offerings delivered in La Liga throughout the last two seasons (five in 2021-2022 and eight in 2020-2021). As indicated by the fact that he scored eleven league goals in the preceding exercise as well as in the 2020-2021 season, he is also a formidable finisher who likes to finish near or inside the penalty area. In addition to that, he is an effective set-piece taker.

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Their flaws

Fabian Ruiz

The left-handed player does not base his game on his physical qualities, even though he is slender (he is 189 centimeters tall and weighs 73 kilograms). If he knows how to go to the dry cleaners, he is not particularly aggressive in duels. Given his inherent qualities, he has the potential to improve in this regard and could do better. Aside from that, because of the size of his compasses, his speed of execution and his ability to shift course is not particularly strong.

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Carlos Soler

It is difficult to discover a significant issue with it. On the other hand, if you look very carefully, you might be able to spot a very little one. Let’s just say that even if he is fully developed, the right-footed player who stands 180 cm tall and weighs 76 kg probably does not have the same level of technical finesse as the players who currently hold the positions of midfielder and striker for Paris Saint-Germain, specifically Marco Verratti, Vitinha, Neymar, Lionel Messi, and Kylian Mbappe. Will it be as simple for him to fit in with the Red and Black team as it was for the young Portuguese player who recently transferred from FC Porto? From his point of view, that is one of the things that is not known.

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Fabian Ruiz

If the player, who is 26 years old and was stolen from SSC Napoli for 23 million euros, it is obvious that he is to enter the rotation in the midfield position. The Spaniard possesses a great deal of the necessary components to be an effective alternative to luxury goods. Learn more here. In the long run, he has a very good chance of being able to compete with Vitinha, who has adjusted wonderfully to playing with his new teammates. Or, if Christophe Galtier decides to reinforce his midfield, you can play alongside him and those of the indestructible Marco Verratti. In any event, it ought to be useful in a variety of different configurations, including placing the weight in the midfield, holding the ball, playing forward, and creating additional danger around the surface.

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Carlos Soler
It stands to reason that the 24-year-old was brought in to play in the front three, and more specifically, to provide relief for Lionel Messi and Neymar when they need it. However, if the Rouge et Noir coach were to go to a three-man midfield from time to time, the Spaniard might have a chance to get some playing time as a midfielder in that formation. As a result, he ought to profit from quite a few minutes of downtime. Its verticality ought to be a strength for Paris Saint-Germain, which is particularly highlighted in transitions, and this is particularly the case when it comes to transitions.

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