Pre-Euro offer: the Blues’ hand to Germany

On Friday, the daughters of Olivier Krumbholz crushed Germany in a match that served as a warmup.

On Friday, France won their first match in preparation for the Euro 2022 championship by defeating Germany 34-31 in Metz. The score at halftime was 16-15. The tournament will be held from November 3 to November 20 in North Macedonia, Montenegro, and Slovenia. The Blues have had a difficult time navigating the challenges that come along with this opponent that they may discover in the second round of the continental tournament. These obstacles have frequently made their life more difficult. They started with a four-goal lead (13-9, 17th), but were eventually caught and then passed by their opponents in the second half (21-24, 42nd). However, they were able to turn the tide and win the game in the end thanks to a goal scored by Alicia Toublanc, who was active throughout the second period.

“After the match, head coach Olivier Krumbholz emphasized to his team that they needed to “lift their level” to reclaim their stability. “It’s a little bit like what we saw in training, each of the girls is putting up a completely distinct act. Certain people are deserving of retribution for the wrongs they have committed. There was a lot of folly in defense on the right-back position, and elsewhere there was huge clumsiness in shooting and a lack of control.

Intractable Darleux

Because of this, getting the meeting started was a challenge. The French defense let in four goals in a row, all of which came from the flanks. Laura Glauser, the team’s goaltender, needed a little bit of time to get into her game before she was able to make six saves in the opening period. The Blue team needed ten minutes to size up their competition before they could hurl themselves into the game, but once they did, they were unable to maintain their footing and ended up falling behind 13-9. (17th). After the Germans called a timeout, their offense faltered, they gave the opposing goalkeeper a chance to shine, and they forgot to defend.

“Olivier Krumbholz, who found his players for the first time since April, provided further insight into the matter by stating that “it is always very penalizing when you’re in front of the score and you miss opportune circumstances.” After nearly regaining the lead (16-15) at the break, the Germans regained command of the game in the second half (21-24, 42nd). However, Grace Zaadi guided the French in the proper direction, while Cléopatre Darleux demonstrated an unwavering commitment to her objective.

“They recognized that they were holding the keys in their hands,” continued the coach of the tricolor team. “And that it was required to play, to show a little more lucidity and aggressiveness in defense,” the speaker continued. “And that it was necessary to play.” “Olivier Krumbholz concluded that there is no cause for concern on his end; nonetheless, you do need to get started. “However, even though it is very evident that we are not performing at our greatest level, it is nevertheless satisfying to have won because the game of cat and mouse ultimately results in the mouse fleeing. I am relieved that the situation was handled with enough maturity to ignore the Germans.

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