Pro D2: Oyonnax blasts Vannes and leads championship.

On Friday at the Charles-Mathon stadium, during the 7th day of competition, Oyonnax defeated Vannes by a score of 56 to 7, taking the lead in the Pro D2 rankings. Before this meeting, Vannes was the leader of the championship.

Vannes had been playing well throughout the championship, but in Ain, they capsized and found themselves behind 42-0 at the break.

In the second half, the overly enthusiastic ‘Oyomen’ continued their frenetic pace by scoring the seventh try, without conceding a single one. Before finally winning 56-7 and settling into the lead of the Pro D2 standings, the Oyomen eventually slowed down to defeat.

The blow dealt to the Bretons dropped them to the fifth position in the standings, where they have remained since.

In a battle at the bottom of the table, Soyaux-Angoulême inflicted a fourth consecutive loss on the team that is currently positioned last in the Carcassonne standings (18-6), giving them the same amount of points after seven days as Massy, who is currently ranked 15th and was defeated in Béziers (10-16).

Following his grab victory over Nevers, Colomiers was promoted to the dolphin position for Oyonnax (21-19). As a result of their victory in Biarritz (18-15), Agen maintains its momentum and moves up to the third and final spot on the podium.

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