Qatar World Cup: Jota forfeits, Klopp says.

According to Diogo Jota’s coach at Liverpool, Jürgen Klopp, Diogo Jota is expected to miss a significant amount of time due to an injury. This striker from Portugal will not visit Qatar during the winter season.

Diogo Jota, who plays for Liverpool and suffered a calf injury when playing against Manchester City (1-0) on Sunday, will not be allowed to compete in the World Cup in Qatar, which will begin on June 21. This news was delivered on Tuesday by Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp.

The report regarding Diogo is not very encouraging at all. He won’t be able to watch the World Cup. Because of the severity of the injuries to his calf, he will need to seek medical attention. In a press conference held the day before the match versus West Ham, the German head coach provided the following explanation.

He continued by saying, “This is very sad news for him, for us as well, of course, and for Portugal.”

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Diogo Jota, who has played for Portugal 28 times and scored 10 goals, was taken off in the extra time of the match against the Citizens (1-0) after remaining on the ground for an excessive amount of time.

Absent from the land until 2023?

When asked about how the player responded to the news, Klopp responded, “It’s Diogo, and he’s amazingly cool at the moment.” He is an exceptionally bright little lad. When we pulled him out of the field, he already had the information in his head.

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Likely, the player will not be available for the Reds when they return directly after the World Cup (which takes place between November 20 and December 18).

“He is going to be absent for a significant amount of time; we are talking about months here. We’ll see. I don’t want to offer numbers because I’m hoping that throughout recuperation there will be a pleasant surprise, but it will be a long process,” he stated in a conclusion.

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