Rennes-Fenerbahçe: Terrier inspires, Traoré lags

The tops and flops of the editorial crew following the Rennes-Fenerbahce match are found in the inspirations provided by Terrier and Kahveci, as well as the lack of attention displayed by Stade Rennais (2-2).


Message carrier terrier

The Rennes striker was a revelation during the previous campaign, scoring 21 goals in Ligue 1 play, but he has not yet been called up to play for the Blues. Pre-summoned for the rally in September, the former Lyon player will continue to wait, as Didier Deschamps did not call him this past Thursday. Nothing could shake his confidence, as he scored the first goal of the game calmly in the 52nd minute before going to check on his friend Baptiste Santamaria, who was gravely hurt. Two minutes later, the person returned the favor to his passer, the great Lovro Majer, who scored in the same fashion as the previous goal (54th). Terrier was Rennes’ most restless striker, and he will rue the two chances he passed up just before the hour mark, which were the beginning of Rennes’ collapse against Fenerbahce. Aside from these two dream minutes, Terrier was Rennes’ most restless striker (2-2).

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Kahveci did it all to them

The person is responsible for the execution at Stade Rennais. The Turkish attacking midfielder, who scored for the first time just before the half-hour mark (in the 25th), was flagged by the patrol for an offside position that was only a few centimeters off. His obvious strike in the second half did not require anyone’s approval before it was made (60th). Kahveci was so fatigued on his right side that he ended up rezoning, which allowed him to spread out the quality of his left paw a little bit more. As a result, Hamari Traoré was directly excluded from the competition (83rd, see elsewhere). This time, the footage demonstrated that he was correct.

At the hour mark, Can Kahveci was able to clear the ball from Steve Mandanda’s top corner. DAMIEN MEYER / AFP


The ugly gesture of Traoré

Despite himself, the captain of the Rennes was the one who started the shipwreck of the Rennes. First, since his terrible gesture (an elbow on Kahveci) was at least avoidable, and second because he pushed Jérémy Doku, however much inspired he was for his comeback, to fall back a notch as a result of his actions. Similar to his squad, who ultimately conceded a point due to a mistake that could have been avoided by Benjamin Bourigeaud, the heir to his armband. Before all of this, the Mali man had been successful on his right lane, where he had not been afraid to project himself to bring the surplus in front of him.

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Intermittents of the show

This Stade Rennais can’t always get away with it, whether they use diesel or intermittent power. After going into the break uninspired and having their intensity level pushed to the limit, the home team created the groundwork for a fantastic second period by scoring two goals in rapid succession. But after a nearly perfect quarter of an hour, during which Roazhon Park let his excitement get the better of him, the flash of Kahveci once more threw the Bretons back into their previous problems. Those of focused attention and creative thinking. Until the bitter denouement.

Uguchukwu lost in the middle

The young Rennes midfielder, who was only 18 years old, was called up to replace Baptiste Santamaria, who had been injured for a significant amount of time and to whom Terrier and the stands paid tribute. However, the young Rennes player had an extremely difficult time existing, particularly in the first period. The defensive midfielder performed better in the second half when Rennes regained momentum and was less exposed until his exit (78th). He struggled in the first half, being overpowered in duels and not being adequately fair in his ball transmissions (10 ball losses). However, it is not as reassuring as the word “Santa.”

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