Sam Jones, Celtics legend and Winner of 10 NBA Rings, Dies

Sam Jones, a legend of the Boston Celtics and winner of 10 NBA rings, passed away this Thursday at the age of 88.

The ESPN network, citing Celtics sources, said Jones died in a Florida hospital.

Considered one of the most important scorers in the history of the league, Jones is in the second place of the players with the most NBA titles only behind Bill Russell, winner of 11 rings and his teammate in the Celtics who led Red Auerbach.

“Sam Jones was one of the most talented, versatile, and clutch shooters (decisive under the pressure of the final seconds) for the most successful and dominant team in NBA history,” the Boston franchise said in a statement.

With this praise, the Boston team referred to the 11 titles won by the legendary Celtics who, from the second half of the 1950s and throughout the 1960s, won 11 championships practically in a row.

Jones did not appear in the squad that took the first ring of that excellent streak (1956-1957 season), but he was in the next 10 that the Celtics got between the 1958-1959 and 1968-1969 courses.

The shooting guard was the ideal outdoor companion for Russell’s inner might, he received the eloquent nickname “The Shooter” and was known for his effective plank throwing technique.

Jones also became very famous for his effectiveness in the decisive moments, so much so that, as the Celtics recalled today, his scoring statistics were better in the playoffs (18.9 points per game) than in the regular season (17.7 points).

The Boston team retired Jones’ jersey with the number 24 in 1969 and the player entered the NBA Hall of Fame in 1984.

In addition, Jones figured this year in the list of the 75 best players in the history of the NBA that the league itself made to celebrate 75 years of the most important competition in world basketball.

“Sam Jones will be remembered as one of the most prolific champions in all of the professional sports,” NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said in a press release.

“His altruistic style, his clutch performances, and his signature table shooting were the hallmarks of an incredible career” he added.

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