The 2023 Olympic Games will see a modest rise in sports spending.

According to the draught of the 2023 budget that was published on Monday, there will be a moderate rise in funding for the Ministry of Sports and the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2023, bringing the total budget to 1.113 billion euros.

According to the Ministry of Sports, this is an increase of 1.8% when compared to the 2022 budget, which is currently set at 1.093 billion euros (987 million euros announced in the 2022 budget a year ago which was modified in the year).

Solido, the Olympic Works Delivery Company, will receive a grant of 295 million euros as part of the Olympic and Paralympic Games endowment. Solido is the recipient of public funds that have been set aside specifically for the Olympic Games and is responsible for the construction of permanent works associated with the Olympic Games.

This budget is practically identical to the one that was allocated for the previous year (296 million euros), and in addition, there will be a contribution of 25 million euros allocated for the Paralympic Games this year.

The purchase of 400,000 tickets by the state for priority audiences (such as schools, volunteers, and other groups) will cost 11 million euros in total.

According to what we learned from the Ministry of Sports, in addition to this, twenty additional roles have been made available for monitoring cases of sexual and gender-based violence as well as radicalization inside the departments.

The Pass’ sport system, which is expanded to scholarship students and will be released in 2021, will be endowed with an envelope of 100 million euros, as planned, the same as in 2022 when 60% of the envelope had been exhausted by the time the system was launched. During the beginning of this new academic year, the Ministry of Education has observed a forty percent rise in the utilization of a device that makes it possible to benefit from an aid of fifty euros to sign up for membership in a sports club. This aid is intended for families who are recipients of the back-to-school allowance.

The second tranche of the financing for the project, which is in the amount of one hundred million euros, will also benefit the plan to construct 5,000 local facilities.

We also heard this at the Ministry of Sports: Insep, which had five positions cut from its budget in 2022, will gain those positions back in the 2023 budget.

According to the numbers that were given in the financial bill for 2023 on Monday, the overall budget for the sport, youth, and community life program is 1.78 billion euros. This budget includes funding for the sport.

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