The final round of ticket sales for the 2022 World Cup has begun.

On Tuesday, the final tickets for the upcoming World Cup in Qatar were made available for purchase through FIFA.

The Organizing Committee of the Upcoming World Cup in Qatar stated in a news release that “First come, first served” would apply to the opening of the last phase of ticket sales when it came to purchasing tickets. A little less than two months before the start of hostilities (November 20 – December 18), fans who have not yet purchased tickets can thus still expect to locate the golden sesame. The dates for the beginning of the hostilities are as follows: November 20 – December 18

Everything is managed through a single platform on the FIFA website, which will be accessible for the entirety of the competition. A fan is allowed to purchase up to six tickets for each game and a maximum of sixty tickets for the entire competition. Even if there have been various warnings of a boycott and there is uncertainty over the reception circumstances, the crowd should be there because 2.45 million tickets had already been sold before the start of this final phase in the middle of August.

Already in June, the event’s organizers stated that there was “record demand” for tickets, with a total number that stood at 1.2 million at the time. Tickets for the World Cup have been made available in a total quantity of 3,010,679 seats.

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