The Most Important Sports News In 2021 In The US

Simone Biles, Naomi Osaka, the return to the stadiums and pavilions, and a new Tom Brady milestone were the most relevant news of the year in the United States.


Meanwhile, in the world of sports, the American Simone Biles and the Japanese Naomi Osaka opened the debate on mental health with a revolutionary decision: to put their well-being above the competitions for which they had been preparing, the French Open. and the Tokyo Olympics, respectively.

Additionally, Biles, this year spoke openly about how Larry Nassar used his position as a doctor for the national gymnastics team to sexually abuse her and hundreds of young athletes. All of them reached an agreement in December with the federation and the US Olympic committee to receive compensation of $ 380 million.


2021 has been the year of the return to the stadiums and certain normality in the professional basketball, American football, hockey, and baseball leagues, especially after a year in which the games were played in “bubbles” or were directly canceled by fear of the virus.

The Americans were able to enjoy the Super Bowl again and see how the legendary “quarterback” Tom Brady, this time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers team, conquered his seventh championship ring.

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