Tops/Flops Ajaccio-PSG: Messi-Mbappé complicit combination, ACA agony

Find out the Tops and Flops of this encounter between Ajaccio and PSG, including the outstanding performance of the Messi-Mbappé pair, the good dispositions of Fabian Ruiz, as well as the non-match of Ajaccio (0-3).


Messi and Mbappé made Neymar forget

While he was suspended, Neymar most likely watched the show in front of his TV and enjoyed himself. Because the pairing of Mbappé and Messi was an excellent replacement for him. The two men spent a lot of time looking for one another and multiplied their class acts, which turned the Ajacciens into spectators. Kylian Mbappé signed a fantastic double, which was delivered to him each time by Lionel Messi, even though he wasted wonderful opportunities. Always confounding in his passes, the Argentinean signed the gem of the evening on an action that was relayed by the Frenchman and ended thanks to his slyness and his sense of feint in front of the goalie. The jewel was signed on an action that was relayed by the Frenchman. Quite a shocking pair.

Is Fabian Ruiz, already essential?

One of the arrivals from the previous summer is starting to make a name for themselves. Fabian Ruiz, a player who formerly played for Napoli, has been brought in to take Leandro Paredes’ place on the roster. And the least that we can say is that it more than makes up for it in a satisfactory manner. Already interesting against OM, the Spanish midfielder has shown great abilities in attacking transitions while playing solely for the benefit of his teammates. In addition to this, he cleverly compensated for Hakimi’s climbs by positioning himself in advantageous positions. A player who, after switching to the 4-3-1-2 formation, makes the most of the opportunities presented to showcase his abilities.

Hakimi, sharp climbs

Since switching back to a 4-man defense, the Moroccan player has, surprisingly, shown signs of increased comfort. Achraf Hakimi multiplied the perilous hills, proving to be a continuous poison in his lane and allowing in Paris to not lean too much to the left. He got along well with Fabian Ruiz and Soler on the side.


Ajaccio, without a collective spring

Ajaccio did not survive its shock, even though it got off to a strong start. The people did everything they could to support their squad, but in the end, their efforts were fruitless because there were so many talented competitors. The Corsicans paid the price for their efforts made later in the game as a result of their pressing at the beginning of the game and had little chance of coming back into the game. Learning at a very advanced level

Renato Sanches, still shy

Renato Sanches has had a sluggish start to his career at Paris Saint-Germain because he suffered an injury shortly after arriving in the country. Holder in Ajaccio, the Portuguese player has not yet been able to let go, which means he is not taking risks and is not displaying his typical abilities of percussion. As a result of him giving up his position as the first player in the Parisian ranks, he did not receive any points in the rotation in the midfield.

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