Tops/Flops Brazil vs. Ghana: Brazilian technique on top, Ghana nonexistent

On Friday, Brazil handed Ghana a thrashing in a friendly encounter (3-0). Neymar and his companions have created a living nightmare for the Ghanaian people.


A fire attack

Agenor Tite, the head coach of Brazil’s national team, had staked his hopes on an offensive quartet consisting of Neymar, Rafinha, Vinicius, and Richarlison. What a clever move on the part of the technician to make that option! In the match against Ghana, the four men provided a lot of entertainment, particularly in the opening period. This quartet gave the opposing defense trouble from the very first minute they were on the field. Neymar pounced on the left side of the field and set up Vinicius Junior for a shot from the depths. The Real Madrid winger sent a cross back into play, and Lucas Paqueta, who was waiting on the ground, scored the goal barely next to the left post (8th). After a few moments, a beautiful wind gust arrived from Brazil. Vinicius performed an outstanding outside with his right foot for Raphinha, but the Barcelona player was unable to recover with the ball using the inside of his foot (15th). In the second half, unfortunately, two of his four men were swiftly removed (60th).

The Brazilian “Joga Bonito”

Brazil turned in an outstanding performance and rediscovered the alluring kind of football that made them a standard bearer in international competition. After one another came a series of graceful technical moves. We mustn’t forget the insane gesture that Raphinha made when the Barcelonan player tried to make a high-class gesture, an acrobatic return, which went just next to it (17th). Additionally, we were able to see some fantastic teamwork moments, such as the one that led to Richarlison’s first goal. Neymar, who was located in the center of the field, sent a ball to the ground in the direction of Richarlison, who was running just in front of the playing surface. The Tottenham player scored with his first shot, which was directed into the goalkeeper’s left side of the smaller net in Ghana (28th). Wonderful!


A Ghana too admiring of Brazil

Ghana’s performance was abysmally passive in comparison to Brazil’s astounding level of talent and competence. Ghana spent the entirety of the first half on the floor, much like one of their players did after receiving a crushing hook from Vinicius. Ghana’s man stayed down for several long seconds. This Ghanaian team was undersized, but they were also way too timid. After the halftime break, the Ghanaians brought their A-game, but they were unable to uncover the error in their play.

A boring second period

The inclination is to play more casually when you are up 3-0 at halftime against a team that isn’t as strong as you are. And it didn’t miss. The several substitutions made throughout the second quarter limited the number of available opportunities. We can recall this Ghanaian incident in which Williams made the decisive contribution on the right side and won a corner. André Ayew takes the free kick and places a header that is deflected away by the bar (57th). Aside from that, there is nothing else to report other than Salisu being rescued at the end of the match (87th). A cross strike is triggered as a result of Rodrygo being launched to the left. It is pushed back by Wollacott, and the leather falls on a Brazilian who is standing alone in front of the cages; however, Salisu intervenes on his line to prevent this from happening. During this miserable second half, those were the only two opportunities that arose.

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