Tops/Flops Strasbourg-Lille: David doubles, Le Marchand faulted

The LOSC was able to win in Strasbourg with relative ease, marking the first time this season that they have won consecutive games (0-3). The following is a rundown of the best and worst performances from the opening game of the 11th day of Ligue 1 play.


David is more decisive than ever

The Canadian forward continued his strong start to the season by netting a pair of goals this evening in LOSC’s 3-0 triumph against Strasbourg’s lawn in front of their home crowd. Following a foul committed by Le Marchand against Ismaily, he rectifies the situation from the penalty spot (41st). The responsibility for the penalty is taken on by the attacker, who then changes it by shooting hard and full axis. It proves to be the deciding factor once more in the second session, putting LOSC in a secure position. What is moved over to the right side of the penalty area by André? The American makes a dangerous crossing in the distant past, where Jonathan David is stationed, and he need only prod her (76th). The player for Lille, who now leads the league in scoring with nine goals, has found the back of the net in each of the club’s most recent three encounters in Ligue 1.

Salts, one against all

The time limit was extended for quite some time as a result of the goalie at Strasbourg. He made countless parades. In the final moments before the break, Sels was able to protect his family from harm. David is sent flying to the right of the playing field, where he collides with the goalie for Strasbourg, who emerges victorious and deflects the ball away from the Canadian who was trying to shoot it (45th). Matz Sels’s act continues with a rematch against David, which Matz wins once more during the second period (58th). The Canadian starts his shot with his right foot, but the Belgian goalkeeper uses his left hand to deflect it! Matz Sels turned up a solid performance tonight, even though he was helpless to prevent the three goals his team conceded.

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Le Marchand’s fault

The evening was likely to have been cut short and challenging for the defender from Strasbourg. It was because of him that his side missed out on scoring the first goal. After a low cross from Cabella coming in from the left, Le Marchand made an illegal tackle on Ismaily as he was in the midst of the Sels area. The referee did not show any sign of hesitation. David was the first to put points on the board. An error that Julien Stephan did not appear to recognize as he substituted the former Fulham player at the midway break (45th).

Strasbourg’s shyness

How Even though Strasbourg didn’t have a single shot on target for virtually the entire game, they still had a chance to win. It wasn’t until the 87th minute that we got our first shot on goal. In response to a cross from Thomasson, Gameiro made a header toward the goal, but it posed little threat to Chevalier, who calmly collected the ball in the open space. Strasbourg has never been dangerous, and they have never given the impression that they desire to react after giving up goals. On the other hand, the Alsatians began the conference with a great deal of enthusiasm, but unfortunately with far too many inaccurate statements. Strangely, the Strasbourgeois slowed down after Lille scored their first goal and continued this pattern until the finish of the contest. Nothing Strasbourg accomplished allowed them to string together a second win in Ligue 1.

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