What will Fournier do in the Eurobasket championship game?

DECRYPTION – Since the Blues are not yet fully unfettered offensively, their skipper will need to excel when they play Spain in the championship game this coming Sunday at 8:30 p.m.

“What is the objective? It should be obvious that the goal is to triumph in the contest. Evan Fournier was not lurking anywhere when the demonstration got underway. It’s not the right kind of home. “Right now, with the France team, we have high goals. We took over the French franchise from the previous owners and acquired a strong team that had already achieved impressive success. The individual who would take over as captain if Nicolas Batum was unable to play stated that “We aim to continue this and raise the French squad to the best level possible in both the world and Europe.” “It does not change anything,” he says over and over again, even though he had already taken over as the offensive leader of the France squad after Tony Parker stepped down after his playing career. 19.75 points on average were scored at the 2019 World Cup, while 21.8 were scored at the Olympics in 2018.

Fournier spends less time socializing during the Euro. The Ile-de-France player never appeared to be at ease, liberated, or completely himself, except in his 27-point performance against Lithuania (77-73), which occurred in the second round of the group stage. Against Italy, things appeared to be getting off to a fantastic start…

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